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Display to all my high school friends one month later
Oct 19 2016
by Jamie Su

To All My High School Friends: One Month Later

By Jamie Su - Oct 19 2016

Dear old friends,

How are you? Everything is so different and strange to me. It’s as if I’m in a foreign world and although I’m accustomed to my daily routine, I still miss the familiar faces of the people I love and saw almost every day. Can you believe we're in university already? It's so surreal how four years went by just like that. Bam. We’re adults. I'm still not used to the change.

It’s been more than a month since we’ve entered university. What exciting adventures have you been on since it started? I know and am confident that you guys are enjoying and venturing into a whole new world out there…but some part of me is slightly sad and nostalgic.

I miss those times where we would hang out. Though I’ve met many new people, some of them don’t know me like you guys do. As an extremely private person, it’s hard to open up to new people. I close myself in; I’m cautious, wary and cynical. I have dozens and dozens of secrets and intricate facts about me, little habits that few will pick up unless they know me very well.

And because of that, I miss you guys.

I know many people are able to adjust to university easily and make friends that they’re compatible with, but I guess it’s little more challenging for me to do so.

University has helped me with my independence, though. It’s funny how we’re all so dispersed from each other and at different schools. The world is a big place, even though we’re in the same country and same province.

When I’m alone, sometimes I’ll think of hilarious moments I had with you guys and even laugh out loud to myself. People must think I’m crazy! But I love remembering everything that’s happened.

I remember dancing the night away at prom, blasting music in the party bus, singing and swishing our long, silky prom dresses as we laughed, smiled, hugged and gave it our all for the very last night we’d spend as high school students (besides graduation).

I remember meeting each and every one of you at the most spontaneous moments — how I met a goofy girl (you know who you are) during badminton tryouts, sitting next to my future best friend on my first day at a brand-new school in grade eight, meeting the athletic and kindest girl during recess, the bubbly girl who ended up being someone I could fangirl with over some celebrities, the one I met in French class who ended up slow dancing with me at prom and making my heart skip a few beats — and the list goes on.

Oh, and I can’t forget the Bahamian girl I met on Wattpad who was definitely part of my high school experience — someone I’ve talked to online since we started high school and graduated. Now, we’re in college and in the same country. What were the odds of this even happening?

All of you played a huge part in my life. And I’ll never forget any of you, even if we may be apart, may not speak as often, may have our new friends at university who we love dearly, even if we can’t communicate as much because of our hectic and busy schedules.

Despite all of that, each and every one of you has a piece of my heart. And you know what people say about dropping friends after high school?

Well, I don’t believe it at all. Not if those people mean the world to me. Not if there’s effort between us.

We’ve all paved a new life at university and grown up. It’s natural to move on, of course. It’s completely healthy and normal to reach a new phase in my life. I just hope that that phase can still include me, if you’d let me.

For those of you who mean the world to me, I promise to keep in touch with you, no matter how hard it is. I’ll try. We’ll try.

Because when I love, I love deeply. And I love and miss every single one of you, despite us not talking and seeing each other as much as we used to.

May we meet again in the future. I’ll count on that.

With lots of love,


Lead Image Credit: Unsplash via Pixabay

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Jamie Su - University of Waterloo

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