Have you ever wanted to know more about what kind of personality type you have, and the type of qualities you possess? Well, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality test is something you should take because it's fun to read, insightful and so relatable. You not only learn about yourself, but other people in your life, too! The knowledge we now have about personality types all started when a man named Carl G. Jung introduced the theory of psychological types in the 1920s. To further understand this theory and help people understand their personality type better, Isabel Briggs Myers developed the MBTI tool in the 1940s, which many people continue to use to this day. 

This is a popular tool that even teachers use, so you may have taken this test in a high school or university class! If not, take the test here to determine your personality type. Without further ado, here are the MBTI types as their perfect college majors.

1. INTJ - Computer Science

Known as the architect type, you, INTJ, are most likely a computer science major. As an innovator, you thrive in a field of study where you can utilize both your creativity and your analytical thinking skills. Because of your independent nature, you prefer to work alone or in small groups, and therefore, you have the ability to handle the fast-paced environment the world of computer science has to offer. You're open to finding solutions to any challenges you face, which is why coding is the ideal task for you!

2. INTP - Engineering

The art of logic is what makes up an INTP. You desire freedom, flexibility and intellectual stimulation, making engineering a great career path for you. You have a complex mind that is superb at making connections that others may not see at first glance. Your intellectuality and openness to theories fuels your eagerness to learn all about technical work. Engineering gives you many challenging tasks to solve that you are most definitely up for!

3. ENTJ - Business

ENTJ, has anyone told you that you're a natural-born leader? Your immense confidence and charisma are what makes you suitable for a degree in business. As a strong communicator and efficient worker, case studies and presentations must be a breeze for you! With group projects, you are what is needed to propel the team forward to the path of success. Charging your way through any obstacle you may face, you're a prime candidate for entrepreneurship.

4. ENTP - Environmental Science

The pursuit of knowledge is strong with you, ENTP. That's what makes environmental science a good major for you, as it allows you to prove your points and constructively debate with others. You can feed your curiosity by learning about the discoveries science has to offer, without compromising your creativity. The clever and thought-provoking ideas you come up with make you the creative problem solver that is needed for solving environmental issues.

5. INFJ - Psychology

INFJ, you are terrific with advice and soothing with your words. As someone who loves helping others understand their emotions, you may choose to pursue a psychology degree and eventually become a clinical therapist. You have a burning passion within to inspire and touch the lives of the people you meet. With this heart of gold and altruistic nature of yours, studying psychology helps you gain insight on other's emotions while also giving you a purpose and cause.

6. INFP - Creative Writing

Ah, INFPsI know people think that you're the crybaby personality type, but what they fail to understand is how you're capable of feeling emotions on a deeper level. You enjoy channeling those inner thoughts into something meaningful, so a creative writing major is perfect for you. You're passionate, imaginative and have a mind full of endless worlds and stories that you want to share with the world, and what better way to do that than creative writing?

7. ENFJ - Theatre

So many people aspire to be like you, ENFJ. Charming and passionate, you're always seeking ways to express yourself and would adore being a theatre major. Acting and singing will let your personality shine! Your natural leadership skills make you an outstanding team player, and as a hardworking individual, you give everything your all. Your true calling is on stage, and the passionate performance you give would no doubt enchant the entire audience.

8. ENFP - Architecture

The virtue of independence is in your blood, ENFP. You want an area of study that gives you the freedom to artistically express yourself, so architecture is the major made for you. Since you're more project-oriented than anything, it can keep you feeling motivated and inspired to create new things. The excellent communication skills you possess are essential in perceiving what a professor or employer wants in the design and construction of buildings.

9. ISTJ - Accounting

ISTJ, you're a practical decision maker and like working in an environment where rules are enforced. You're most likely an accounting major as you seek a long-term career that provides you with stability. You're meticulous in your work and take your responsibilities seriously, which are some qualities accountants need when analyzing and bookkeeping. Overall, the idea of working with data, concrete proof and facts satisfies your rational character!

10. ISFJ - Nursing

With a warm, kind and caring soul, you, ISFJ, would prosper in the field of nursing. Patience is a virtue that you possess, to work with patients. Also, you are the type who is most likely to sign up for volunteering positions within your community. Just the thought of helping others excites you, and you're a strong pillar of support for those in need. You feel rewarded when others show you gratitude for your hard work and care, which makes nursing a fulfilling major to pursue.

11. ESTJ - Legal Studies

As someone who is determined to stand up for what they believe in, you, my ESTJ friend, may be a legal studies major who is perfect for further studies in law. Becoming a lawyer or judge is an ideal career for someone as headstrong as you. You despise rule breakers and lean towards a society with honesty, dedication and order. You prefer an environment that enforces rules and where justice is served, hence why learning about legal systems would be highly intriguing to you!

12. ESFJ - Education

ESFJ! You're a social butterfly who loves interacting with others and can easily connect with anyone you meet. Have you ever tutored someone? Because if you have, you are most likely an education major who wants to pursue a career in teaching! You enjoy listening to others and helping them solve problems, making you a great fit for the role of an educator. You feel rewarded knowing that you've helped someone and are keen to support those you care about.

13. ISTP - Culinary Arts

ISTP, you like making new things, and activities that require moving about, as well as imagination and freedom. Delve into the study of culinary arts to fulfill your need to master tools, such as preparation and knife techniques. Hands-on learning is a strength of yours as you like to apply what you've learned to real-life situations. Mastering the art of cooking allows you to use your spontaneity and innovation while experimenting with various ingredients! 

14. ISFP - Fashion Design

What better way to channel your artistic ability than to study fashion design, ISFPYou place higher importance on the satisfaction in your area of study than on wealth. With your keen attitude and wild imagination, you adore experimenting with new ways to express yourself. You must have a passion for fashion, because you're a trendsetter. Sketching your very own designs is a dream come true since you relish in the idea of creative freedom. 

15. ESTP - Criminology

You, ESTP, are bold and like to take immediate action. You must be a criminology major seeking a future career as a police officer! You require a college major that prepares you for a future job with constant physical activity and a rush of adrenaline. Living in the moment, you solve problems best on the spot because you take matters into your own hands, making learning about law enforcement and the criminal justice system an exciting task that keeps you on your toes.

16. ESFP - Music

Known as the entertainer, you are an excellent candidate for a music major, ESFP! You're a shining star, due to your fierce originality. Most of all, you love putting on a show for others and get excited over the idea of making others happy. A music major is perfect for you because you prefer studying something that does not restrict you from using your creative juices.
This allows you to step out of your comfort zone and showcase your musically gifted self.

These were one of the many ideal majors for each personality type. Remember that anyone, no matter what personality type, can succeed in their area of study as long as they put their mind to it. You are not limited to jobs within your personality's scope and you also shouldn't use this test to determine your life's success. Keep in mind that the MBTI test is a guide to help you learn more about your personality and determine the qualities, strengths and weaknesses pertaining to you. Whatever you end up majoring in, I hope you enjoy your path to success at college and most importantly, love what you're pursuing.

Lead Image Credit: Brooke Cagle via Unsplash