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Feb 03 2017
by Jamie Su

Pilates: The Perfect Workout For Every College Student Who Hates Working Out

By Jamie Su - Feb 03 2017

  • I have never enjoyed working out — I can't run for my life and you would never catch me lifting weights, let alone going to the gym despite having access to one in my residence building. But for me, I don't even have to leave my room  get an effective workout, because I have Pilates. Wanting to get fit when I was in the tenth grade, I started watching Pilates workout videos on YouTube that looked interesting.

It showed me that I could do these workouts in my own room on a yoga mat. It looked simple and I wouldn't have to go to the gym and die on the running machine or feel stupid for not knowing how to use the equipment, so why not? Pilates has changed my life; it's helped me actually enjoy working out. Is this not convincing enough? Well, here are FOUR reasons why it's time for you to fit a versatile Pilates regime into your daily schedule.

  • 1. It's fun!

  • If you're as lazy as I am, you may wonder how exercising can even be considered fun. Trust me, I hate running and using equipment at the gym. After discovering Pilates, however, I found a way to strengthen my core, build endurance and tone my entire body without getting bored of my exercise routine. If you're like me and can't motivate yourself to have fun during workouts, why not have someone do that for you? YouTube guide Cassey Ho, also known as Blogilates on YouTube, has many pop Pilates videos on her channel where she guides you and encourages you throughout the entire workout, ranging from beginner videos to intermediate ones. Cassey's fun, has a bubbly personality and uses pop songs in her videos and has various Pilates moves in every video so you won't ever get the chance to be bored! As someone who works out along to her videos, I can guarantee you that your workouts will be ten times more fun compared to before — even as you're panting to keep up with her.

  • 2. You can do it for free.

  • Do you not own a gym membership or is the gym too far away from you? Well, with Pilates, you can just do it by yourself in your own apartment. How convenient is that? If you do a quick Google search of different Pilates moves, you can easily do that by yourself without having to leave you room. If you want someone to push you to finish a workout, there are plenty of YouTube fitness trainers that have free videos on their channels for you to access. YouTubers such as Blogilates and FitnessBlender frequently post workout videos, which means you'll have a huge variety of videos to choose from! Who needs to pay for a fitness instructor? If you don't have the time to pick out specific videos or have no idea what to choose, don't worry! Blogilates has a free monthly workout calendar that you can use if you sign up for her newsletter, as well as a beginner's calendar. FitnessBlender is another option for you to choose from. Although the couple posts cardio videos, they have several Pilates videos available on their channel for Pilates lovers who prefer to be more focused and serious during their workouts.

  • 3. You can do it with your friends.

  • Working out with your friends is always fun. Personally, when I work out with my friends, I feel much more motivated to complete the workout and push myself to do better. Watch some YouTube workout videos and complete pop Pilates song challenges by Blogilates or attend Pilates classes with your friends! You're bound to find some Pilates classes at your nearby gym. If you're living on campus like me, your school's gym probably provides different types of classes — even Pilates. All you have to do is ask an employee at the gym or check your school's athletics complex website for a calendar of classes and information on how much each Pilates class costs. A lot of schools include to cost of workout classes in your tuition!  Be prepared to break a sweat together with your friends.

  • 4. It's great for people who hate going to the gym.

  • Like I said, I hate going to the gym. In fact, I can't stand going and can't even drag myself out of my room to go to the ground floor of my residence to exercise. It's hard enough to push yourself to get ready to go to the gym when you're filled with dread. With Pilates, I don't have to do that — I can just do it in the comforts of my own room. Since there are various Pilates moves to do that tackle specific body parts, you don't have to repeat the same, old boring workouts you may have done at the gym daily such as lifting weights and doing crunches. Exercise moves at the gym are repetitive, but with Pilates, all you need is your yoga mat for endless possibilities!

  • Pilates is a low-impact workout that is a great way to incorporate strength training in your workouts. Rather than going to the gym and repeating the same old boring workouts, such as lifting weights and doing crunches, try doing some Pilates to create some variety in your routine! I'm so glad to have discovered Pilates; it's given me a way to have fun while working out and still feeling sore after. Pilates is not only a good way to tone your entire body; it's life changing. Have fun strengthening your muscles and transforming your body!

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Jamie Su - University of Waterloo

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