April 11 is National Pet Day, a day dedicated to pets around the world because they deserve it. As the day approaches, we're reminded to give our beloved pet(s) a snuggle, hug or extra treat. If you're one to scroll through Facebook, Instagram or YouTube to look at pictures or videos of animals up to the silliest or cutest antics, you've hit the jackpot. Here are 11 GIFs of pets that'll make you squeal at their adorableness and remind you how pets bring joy to everyone's lives. 

1. The happy duckling.

2. The adorable bunny.

3. The consoling dog.

4. The scaredy pug.

5. The chill lizard and the startled kitten.

6. The twerking corgi.

7. The merry piglets.

8. The groovy bird.

9. The fascinated lizard.

10. The puffy hedgehog.

11. The chubby hamster.

Even if you don't have a pet, there are many ways you can channel that love for animals into doing something good. Find out how to help pets at local shelters here. Also, remember to be thankful that your pet is there for you during your best and worst moments: all they want to do is to make you happy by showing you affection and love. Happy National Pet Day!

Lead Image Credit: Ryniu1234 via Pixabay