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Sep 20 2016
by Jamie Su

8 Reasons Why We're Mentally Unprepared to Become Adults

By Jamie Su - Sep 20 2016
School has started for many students, and freshmen at college may face many new challenges they might not have experienced in high school. The college lifestyle may vastly differ from the high school lifestyle. Listed below are eight reasons why freshmen aren’t mentally prepared for the journey to adulthood.

1. It hasn’t sunk in that you’re officially an adult.

        • Where did all the years go by? It was almost like yesterday when you were a kid and having the time of your life – playing games on your DS, watching Disney channel and Nickelodeon shows on T.V. – but all of a sudden you’re supposed to snap out of it and start thinking about taxes, expenses and getting a stable career. Don’t worry, everyone goes through that stage of denial. You might still be a kid at heart and you aren’t ready to leave your childhood behind.

2. You have no idea what you’re supposed to do.

Don’t panic, don’t panic! Crap, you’re already panicking. Where do you even start? You have no idea what’s in store for you in this new stage of life. You’re supposed to get your life together, but everything about adulthood is confusing you and throwing you off. Cue the internal screaming. AAAHHH.

3. You’re still trying to avoid any sort of responsibilities.

Your schoolwork is piling up, your job is driving you crazy, your apartment is a mess and you have to run some errands. Not to mention you have upcoming tests and quizzes to study for. OK, so everything’s out of control. No big deal. Why face reality when you can run away from your responsibilities by taking a nap or jumping into the void?

4. You’re forced to make your own decisions.

Are you still stuck between two choices and tempted to call your parents and ask them what you should do? Well, mom and dad can’t help you now. You were so relieved when people made the decisions for you. Well, you’re an adult and unfortunately, you’re in charge now.

5. You have to cook your own meals.

You might be an expert at microwaving your food, but when it comes to actual cooking, your so-called attempts may have either turned out burnt or disgusting. Maybe you’re no master chef and maybe you should just stick to buying food outside or cooking instant noodles.

6. You realize that you have to do your own laundry.

At home, you may have had the luxury of your parents doing the whole family’s laundry, but now you’re living on your own and you may not know how to do your own. You may have even chucked everything into the washing machine and hoped for the best…until your favorite top is ruined and changed color. Were you supposed to separate whites and colored clothing? Oops, too late now.

7. You make your own phone calls now.

Yes, this dreadful time is finally here. This means you can no longer rely on mom and dad to help you call the doctor’s office. No more avoiding the telephone when it rings, it’s time to dial the phone and anxiously stammer while you try to book your own appointments.

8. Change is scary.

Yes, change is terrifying when people are placed out of their comfort zones. It’s OK and completely normal to feel this way. To all of you soon-to-be adults and new adults who are afraid of adulthood: don’t worry. Everyone goes through adulthood; it’s a stage of life that’s inevitable.

With time, you’ll be able to discover the best methods that work for you and your lifestyle. Adults don’t suddenly know everything they need to do. Your personal experiences and choices will help you mature. Remember, you aren’t alone through these struggles.

Plus, your childhood never ends if you refuse to let it die. You can thank Disney and Pixar for that.

Lead Image Credit: Jazmin Quaynor via Unsplash

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