Tea is a warming, soothing and versatile beverage that can be used for any occasion. It's tasty, has various health benefits and is overall a better alternative to sweetened drinks. For all the tea fanatics out there who want to try different flavours of tea: I've got you covered. Without further ado, let's get this par-tea started.

Anete Lusina via Unsplash

1. Green Tea

If you're ever feeling stressed about school, use green tea as part of your relaxing ritual. It contains a natural chemical called theanine, which provides consumers with a calming effect. Although more research must be conducted, drinking green tea is suggested to improve mental alertness and stimulate thinking. It is also used to alleviate symptoms like hangovers, throbbing headaches, vomiting, diarrhea, colds and the flu. Combined with a healthy diet and exercise, green tea may be used to aid in weight loss. Get it here.

2. Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is proven to boost the immune system, sharpen thinking skills and improve mental alertness. Instead of drinking coffee, which should be consumed in moderation, use oolong tea as a quick fix for caffeine during study sessions. Though there may be insufficient evidence of how oolong tea treats obesity, some studies conducted on animals and humans have shown that drinking it can help with weight loss. Get it here.

3. Black Tea

Do you have multiple assignments or exams that you need to stay up for? Another alternative to coffee to help you power through your late night studying is black tea, as it contains theophylline, which quickens your heart rate and increases alertness. Black tea not only improves mental alertness but also aids you in studying for exams, as it enhances your learning, memory and information processing skillsIt's also used for headaches, vomiting and diarrhea. In conjunction with exercise and healthy eating, black tea is also used for weight loss. Get it here.

4. Chrysanthemum Tea

Do you ever feel like you're sick with a fever, cold, headache or dizziness during the school year? More research must be done to prove the effectiveness of chrysanthemum, but many people use chrysanthemum tea to treat those symptoms. Get it here.

5. Pu-Erh Tea

If you're trying to lower your caffeine intake, pu-erh tea contains less caffeine compared to other teas and is just as effective. For those days when you need something to keep you from nodding off, pu-erh tea can help to increase your alertness and enhance sharp thinking. Get it here.

6. Peppermint Tea

Are you suffering from immense menstrual cramps or an upset stomach? Peppermint tea is the answer to your problems. Peppermint tea is also used to treat colds, cough, heartburns, nausea, vomiting, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and diarrhea. Get it here.

7. Chamomile Tea

Do you have an upset stomach? Having troubles falling asleep? Is it your time of the month? If you need a cure for your upset stomach, find trouble sleeping or are suffering from the worst menstrual cramps, have some chamomile tea to drink those pains away — no alcohol needed. Get it here.

Always do your research and talk to your doctor if you have any concerns about adding something new to your diet. Now, hold your teacup with your pinky up and drink your warm cup of tea.

Lead Image Credit: Neven Krcmarek via Unsplash