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May 20 2017
by Jamie Su

7 Restaurants University of Waterloo Students Must Visit

By Jamie Su - May 20 2017

Hello, future Warriors and students of the University of Waterloo. Are you thinking of living in a traditional-style dorm at Waterloo Residences or the University College Residences where you require a meal plan and have cafeteria food in the building? Are you worried about getting sick and tired of food that won't be nearly as good as home cooked meals? Or perhaps you're a student who plans on living in a suite-style apartment on or off campus and can't cook decent food. Well, look no further. 

Instead of wildly hunting for restaurants off campus, why not refer to a compiled list of places to start you off on your food adventure instead? At last, here are seven restaurants that many University of Waterloo students go to and are a MUST try for first-year students. 

1. Foodie Fruitie

Foodie Fruitie is an Asian fusion restaurant located at 203 Lester Street. With many of its dishes priced below $10, with an exception to its sushi combos, Food Fruitie is an excellent option for those who are looking for an affordable meal. It has a variety of delicious food on its menu such as fried udon and noodles, ramen and sushi. Ordering the food combo will treat you with not just a decent price but big portioned sets. Here's a tip: if you want an extra portion of noodles, ask the server for some and you'll get it for FREE. Yes, really, so take advantage of this! 

2. Morty's Pub

Do you ever get cravings for mouth-watering, finger licking chicken wings? Well, head down to 272 King Street North and get a taste of the signature dish at Morty's Pub! Well-known for its wings, this family-owned restaurant has a relaxing atmosphere and is the perfect place to watch any sort of game with your friends on a high definition screen. Plus, Monday and Thursday nights are wing nights for $6.99/lb! The pub is open from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m., making it convenient if you're out for some food past the usual dinnertime. 

3. Kinkaku Izakaya

Although this all-you-can-eat Japanese restaurant is on the pricier end and is located on 217 King Street West in Kitchener, this highly-raved place has a rating of 4.5 stars on Yelp! Be prepared for a long wait, about half an hour, but worth the travel time and money for its quality food. If you want to have a meal here for slightly cheaper, try going in during lunchtime. If the lunch menu isn't good enough for you, the dinner menu has a wider variety of foods like sashimi, as well as the popular deep-fried chocolate Mars bar. By the end of your meal, you'll definitely be stuffed!

4. Mel's Diner

Mel's Diner is part of the University Shops Plaza in Waterloo, located at University and Phillip at 140 University Avenue West. This old-school diner serves all-day breakfast, lunch and dinner! It's open 24 hours on Fridays and Saturdays, which makes it a popular place for hangovers if you've been up all night partying. If you're a fan of the show Riverdale and are in love with these cute sorts of diners, you can get your Instagram pictures over here.

5. Molly Bloom's Irish Pub

Are you a huge fan of Irish pubs and Irish food? Or have you never tried Irish food? As another restaurant located in the University Shops Plaza at 170 University Ave West, Molly's Pub has signature Irish dishes that are a must-try! You can choose from a selection of burgers, sandwiches and more on its menu. This restaurant also has many daily specials, such as half-price wing day on Tuesdays and full breakfast for $6 on Sundays! It's a great opportunity to savor excellent food without breaking the bank.

6. Busan Korean BBQ

Get ready to stack up your empty plates, eat deliciously marinated food and Snapchat your achievements at Busan Korean BBQ located at 396 King Street North. At this Korean restaurant, you get to cook your own meat, seafood, vegetables and fruit! You can also have some spicy and non-spicy side dishes to go with your whole meal. If you're a university student on a budget, be sure to come here during lunchtime for $15.99 or its late night hours for $18.99 because it's relatively cheaper than going there for dinner, which costs $23.99 without tax. 

7. The Works

The Works is a restaurant specializing in burgers, located at 92 King Street South. As mentioned, they have a wide selection of burgers to choose from as well as the best fresh cut fries. Their yummy burgers have the most creative names, some examples being "Beverly Hills Lawsuit," "Sk8r Boy" and "The Trudeau Burger." You can also order some sweet hand-scooped milkshakes to go with your burger meal. So, be prepared to not just have a sinful meal, but also to have a hard time deciding which is the perfect burger for you because all of them sound fantastic!

These are the seven restaurants that you must visit if you're going to be attending the University of Waterloo this fall. As a student, you may dread eating the typical, tiresome cafeteria food all the time, and it may take some trial and error to look for good food for a decent price off campus. Hopefully, this list helps you begin your food journey in the city of Waterloo and inspire you to venture off campus more to explore! Happy food hunting.

Lead Image Credit: Toa Heftiba via Unsplash

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Jamie Su - University of Waterloo

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