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Jun 23 2017
by Jamie Su

7 Colleges Where You Can Take A Wine Tasting Course

By Jamie Su - Jun 23 2017

Wine: Classy, sophisticated and tasty. What better way to de-stress than by pouring yourself a glass of wine after a long, tiring day? If you're the type of person who enjoys drinking wine, you may want to drop everything you're doing now and consider switching programs just to feel like a posh celebrity sipping a glass of wine in their mansion. 

With all jokes aside, whether you desire to major or minor in viticulture or oenology, are interested in hospitality and tourism or are an avid wine collector and just want to take an elective based on your interest, here are seven different colleges where students can take a unique course at each individual school to not only study the art of wine, but specifically critique it. 

1. UC Davis

"Introduction to Winemaking" is a course offered at UC Davis that goes back in time to study the historical aspect of wine and grapes, focusing on the production of wine through fermentation and winery operations in California, as well as other vital wine-producing regions. That being said, this lecture dives into the realm of wine tasting for all you wine enthusiasts, letting you apply what you've learned in class to enhance your sensory evaluation of wine. 

Though you may not be of legal age, you may want to consider transferring to the Viticulture and Enology program once you turn 21 just so you can channel all your love for the beverage into a future career! 

2. Niagara College

Students enrolled in the part-time Master Taster program at Canada's Niagara College must take the "Sensory Evaluations of Wine I" course, which teaches students how to properly assess the taste and quality of wine while using the correct wine terminology. Not only does the course emphasize the art and importance of wine appreciation, students also get to frequently taste wine during practical lessons, matching specific wines to the appropriate foods. This course can prove useful when you need your strong critical analysis of wine to have the perfect bottle to go with your fancy candlelit dinner.

3. Algonquin College

At Alognquin College, students are able to pursue their part-time studies and obtain an Ontario College Certificate in SommelierWith the majority of the program's courses involving hands-on application of sensory evaluation, one of Algonquin College's unique courses, "Grape Varieties," allows students to discover uncommon grapes and understand how the history and origin of various grape varietals contribute to each region's unique wine style through tastings. 

Did I forget to mention that the legal drinking age in Canada ranges from 18 to 19 in different provinces? It's time to pack up your bags and move to Canada.

4. Vancouver Island University

The "Wine Appreciation" course at Vancouver Island University demonstrates the correct way of tasting and critiquing wine, teaches students how to perfectly pair wine and food together and also offers proper service techniques. While pursuing your studies, you can consider completing a certificate in the study of wine while simultaneously completing your diploma or degree because it only takes a year to complete as a full-time program or two years as a part-time program. Plus, you can explore the world of wine tourism and try a variety of wine by taking this class, which is much more valuable than purchasing a single bottle of wine that costs thousands of dollars.

5. University of Minnesota

"Vines and Wines: Introduction to Viticulture and Enology," a University of Minnesota course, highlights the concepts of growing grapes and making wine. Once a week, students gather for a session that covers lecture material and a sensory component. Though it's important to know the logistics of wine, this course also touches upon other topics including the biology and genetics of grapevines, focusing on the anatomy of grapes and the genes that play a role in wine taste and quality, the effects of wine on human health and finally, social and legal issues that involve wine. Now, these are quite intriguing topics to discuss while having a glass of wine, right?

6. University of Guelph

Offering the world renown Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) certifications, the University of Guelph's School of Hospitality, Food & Tourism Management allows students and members of the public to take three different, prestigious certificates in the field of wine

"Level 1 in Wines," welcomes the inexperienced to expand their knowledge of the main grape varieties, learn the basics of storing and opening wine and pair complementary food and wine together in this one-day course. Students will then take a 30-multiple choice question exam and pass it to obtain the WSET certificate. Furthermore, a 10 percent discount is given to alumni, students, staff and faculty members who sign up for these classes. Spots tend to fill up quickly, so sign up for it as soon as you can! You have no excuse — it only takes one day to learn new techniques and taste an assortment of wines at this Canadian university.

7. Brock University

With "Introduction to Wines," students at Brock University not only study the common principles of wine and the growth and fermentation process of grapes in this introductory course, they also discover the health features of wine, the use of sensory science to assess the calibre of wine and ways to distinctly market wine products. The Oenology and Viticulture program at this Canadian university emphasizes the importance of growing and producing wine in cooler climate regions, making it especially vital for Canada. Taking this course will definitely put your wine skills to the test and help you choose the best wines to drink at restaurants during a night out.

With these classes, you aren't just limited to common wines like white wine and red wine; you get to taste exquisite ones from all over the world. That being said, the art of wine and the world of viticulture and oenology teaches people to appreciate high-class tastes and can also lead to many prestigious careers. 

So, instead of spending a fortune on one bottle of wine, why not consider paying a fixed program free to taste various wines from all over the world and spice up your wine tasting skills? The knowledge of wine would be at the base of your fingertips. 

Stay classy, folks, and don't forget to clink your glasses in unison. 

Lead Image Credit: Anthony Delanoix via Unsplash

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