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Display 5 new year s resolutions college students make versus what actually happens
Dec 26 2016
by Jamie Su

5 New Year's Resolutions College Students Make Versus What Actually Happens

By Jamie Su - Dec 26 2016

New Year's: a time for resolutions, to make a list of goals and to change bad habits to good ones. Everyone wants to start the fresh new year with a clean slate. It's like the saying, "New year, new me!" But does anyone really follow through with those resolutions? Although people can be motivated during the first few days of the new year, many quickly forget about their resolutions a few days later and decide to quit. So much for 'adulting', huh? Here are some ways college students strive to change their life for the better, but end up failing.

1. Save money. 



Ah, as a college student who's drowning in debt, you want to save as much money as you can to pay for rent, textbooks and school fees. You just have to avoid going out and spending it on unnecessary things and only use your money on necessities like groceries. Pft, that sounds easy.


Wrong. When you're browsing online or at the mall and see a sale, you stop right in your tracks to admire the item. I mean, you've worked hard in school and you deserve a treat. Sadly, you forget that you were supposed to save your money and end up splurging on miscellaneous items...and then you check your empty bank account and start crying.

2. Be more relaxed. 



"You need to relax," you tell yourself. "Don't stress yourself out too much. One failure will not kill you. You will be okay. You can handle the workload." Many college freshmen find it difficult to transition from high school. Now, after finishing your first college term, you've figured out how to properly manage your stress. 


Or so you thought. The constant panicking never ceases. The workload is still piling up and your deadline for assignments are all over the place. You haven't done your readings and you have a quiz the next day. So much for relaxing and taking a chill pill.

3. Find romance. 



"I will meet someone and fall in love," you sigh to yourself. There are so many people at college that you can meet so of course you're bound to find someone who complements you! You may feel excited to be more outgoing this year and try to meet new people.


When you're not doing schoolwork, you're binge watching some shows instead of socializing to meet "The One." Who needs a significant other when you have TV shows to please you? Love comes from TV shows.

4. Stop procrastinating.



Last semester you may have regretted leaving everything to the last minute. So, you convince yourself that you're going to be ahead and on top of things because that'll leave you less stressed the night before. You reassure yourself that you're going to get your life together and prioritize your schoolwork.


Unfortunately, you still find the most bizarre ways to procrastinate and waste your time just to avoid doing work. This leaves you chugging down a cup of coffee and scrambling to finish that paper on a Sunday night. And you thought you would be less sleep deprived and that you had your life together.

5. Live a healthy lifestyle. 



This year, you're going to be fit. You're going to get your summer body ready and have a healthier diet. Yes, you can do this. You may decide to go to the gym a few times a week and make time for it. This new year is all about making your body and mind strong while improving your health. You've got this!


Did someone say food? Whether it's doughnuts, chips or ice cream, you can't help but indulge in some snacks when you're stressed out about a quiz. Within a few weeks, you've broken your resolution to live a healthy lifestyle. You may feel guilt and disappointment for munching on junk food, but who has time for the gym? You don't have time for homework, let alone exercising. Maybe next time.

As hilarious as it is that people tend to make New Year's Resolutions that they eventually break, college students should think about realistic goals they can set for themselves and make small progress. Instead of making New Year's Resolutions you know you won't follow, think of some accomplishments you can achieve on a daily basis and reward yourself for it — that way, you have the incentive to complete your goals. Happy New Year! 

Lead Image Credit: Karolina Grabowska via Pixabay

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Jamie Su - University of Waterloo

Jamie is a second year student at the University of Waterloo majoring in Honours Arts. She spends most of her time reading, writing, fangirling over fictional characters, sleeping, and watching romcoms and coming-of-age films. Jamie gets distracted easily when she sees any kind of dog walking down the street, but she never minds.

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