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Jul 03 2017
by Jamie Su

13 Hilarious Encounters College Students Have Had On Tinder

By Jamie Su - Jul 03 2017
Note: Photo sources have asked to remain anonymous.

As a generation driven by technology and our beloved internet, social media applications have made it easier for us to meet other people without leaving the comfort of our rooms, and Tinder is one of them. Let's face it: whether you hate Tinder or love it, you know that the dating app exists. In fact, many college students use Tinder to match with others for fun, send witty comebacks, meet new friends, have hookups or even look for something serious.

Whether you choose to swipe left on people who aren't your type, swipe right on those whose images and bios have captured your attention or super like users if you're absolutely head over heels for them, there are always going to be eccentric people on the app that stand out amongst everyone else on the app, be it good or bad. On that note, Fresh U hereby presents you 13 college students who've shared their most hilarious encounters on Tinder, on condition of anonymity. 

1. When you use your friend's Tinder account and it backfires on you.

"I once went on my friend's Tinder account on her phone during a hangout and started messaging random guys with the line, 'I wanna ride you like a mechanical bull.' Every single response that we got back had a guy playing along with the pickup line, which was disgusting because obviously my friend and I meant it as a joke. One guy was replying so often that I decided to send him a guy friend's number instead and told him to send 'me' a sexy message so I knew it was him. My guy friend was on the way to pick my friend and I up. When we called him on the phone asking about his whereabouts, he found out we were behind the weird messages he'd been receiving. It all completely backfired on me when he picked us up and sent the Tinder guy a picture of my friend and I, exposing us in the process. Mind you, that picture he took wasn't a pretty one and we were caught off guard. The Tinder guy who was trolled then saw me next to my friend whose Tinder account I used and decided that he wanted my number instead. My friend unmatched him on the app."

2. Coming up with a witty comeback to an extremely direct Christmas pickup line.

"I tried out Tinder in the winter, meaning they tried Christmas related pick up lines. It didn't quite work in this boy's favor."

3. Getting matched with someone who has a creepy fetish.

"So I started using Tinder during my first year of college because I wanted to talk to new people in the area, but not at my school. At first, it was fine and normal. After that phase, things got weird. Guys would say the worst pickup lines ever to the point where I'd wait a few weeks to go back on the app. Or sometimes I'd want to swipe right, but either a picture or bio would make me swipe left. The most recent encounter was when this guy asked me if I had pretty feet. I hit the unmatch button so quick."

4. Telling your match the truth about your pretty smile.

"I mean, my teeth that were once crooked and overcrowded are now pretty and straight, thanks to my orthodontist... So I thought that would've been a more clever response instead of just saying, 'thank you.'"

5. The cute meet-up that ended awkwardly. 

"So, I met a guy in second year majoring in biology on Tinder. We ended up meeting up in person, and he actually came to my residence. While we were watching a movie and started kissing, we heard a knock on the door and I was wondering who it could be. I answered it, and it was a girl who lived on my floor and was on the phone with his housemates. They were worried 'cause it was midnight, he wasn't home yet and he had his phone turned off. They knew he was meeting me and knew a girl on my floor, so they called her to see if he was OK. It was the most awkward thing ever! He ended up leaving right after that and I never saw him again."

6. Receiving a message with a suggestive pickup line.

"I was actually really amused by this guy's response because at least he was being creative. But I was also kind of disappointed because I thought he was cute and obviously, he only wanted to hook up with people. But he definitely deserves points for creativity! It made me laugh."

7. When your match says hello but changes his mind.

"He telepathically sensed I was only talking to him for the possibility of free food."

8. Starting the conversation with a smooth and funny pickup line.

"In the midst of the usual first messages of 'what's up?' or 'are you trying to hook up?' this particular man chose to start with one of the most unique starters. And if anything, I would say that's a man of the future."

9. From floormates to Tinder matches and then becoming a couple.

"I was chilling with my two floormates who are my best friends last winter. One of them downloaded Tinder as a joke and so did I, so we were swiping left and right the entire time in their dorm. She and I coincidentally found each other on Tinder with the radius saying we were zero kilometres away from each other. Both of us, including our other floormate, were dying of laughter and snorting. We'd super liked each other and sarcastically messaged each other cringe worthy stuff while we were in the same room. Funny thing is, we've been dating for five months now."

10. Having your ethnicity assumed by an uninformed individual.

"Surprisingly not the first time I've seen someone say an Indian wasn't Asian."

11. Having your phone taken by a friend to send GIFs and meme around.

"My friend stole my phone to respond to Tinder guys I hadn't replied in a month or so. Now they probably think I'm weird with all the creepy memes and GIFs 'I' have supposedly sent."

12. Finding one of your close friends on Tinder.

"I was swiping on Tinder and saw a friend, so I super liked them as a joke. Of course she would message me and proclaim her lust for me. I obviously had none of it."

13. Meeting a Tinder user who was surprisingly a good time.

"My encounter on Tinder was actually quite fun. I started to chat with this guy and after chatting for a few days, we decided to meet up. We hung out and watch a movie, talked about ourselves like our hobbies, what we do for fun, future careers and our favorite things. We still talk to this day and we're semi-close friends now, but we don't always talk since he's busy with work."

Here were 13 hilarious encounters college students have had on Tinder, wild from start to finish. If you've unconventionally met some amazing people on the app, you've got to thank the internet for these absurd possibilities that never would've happened if it weren't for the evolution of technology. Maybe this listicle will even convince you to download the app for yourself if you don't already have it! Even if things don't work out between you and your matches, look on the bright side — at least you've got some memorable, interesting and amusing stories to share with others.

Lead Image Credit: via Unsplash

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