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May 07 2017
by Jamie Su

11 Fun Facts You Should Know Before Attending The University of Waterloo

By Jamie Su - May 07 2017

Welcome, future Warriors, to the University of Waterloo! Congratulations on being accepted into one of the top universities in Canada. You're on your way to venture the land of memes and geese at this massive campus. Though you may feel a little jittery inside and perhaps unprepared to be swarmed by responsibilities and assignments, trust me — what they say about university is true; they are some of the best years of your life! 

Before you attend this school, here are 11 fun facts that you should know about the University of Waterloo before you step foot on campus. 

1. The Waterloo frosh group page will save your life.

University of Waterloo Class of 2021, Frosh 2016 via Facebook

Yes, frosh page groups exist! Not only does the frosh group serve as a form of entertainment; it's also helpful in getting to know other first-year students before the first day of university begins. If you have any questions for upper-year students about your program or want to make a post about yourself to meet similar-minded people, find the Frosh 2017 page on Facebook. That's how many people find their future roommates and make few friends (which can make you feel less nervous) before the start of a brand new chapter at university.

2. We worship geese.

Chris Barclay via Facebook

Rule number 1: always thank Mr. Goose. Legend has it that thanking Mr. Goose will guarantee you A's in all your classes. Though our mascot is a Warrior, geese are UW's unofficial mascot because we, students, are obsessed with them. The Waterloo Store even sells merchandises like goose plushes and Duck Duck Goose T-Shirts. It's time to join in on the love for geese, incoming students.

3. Geese attacks are quite common.

OK, so maybe we don't quite love geese. They are known to be aggressive in nature, especially during nesting season. Many students have walked on near the geese on campus and accidentally provoked them to chase after them. Even if you think it would be funny to throw a snowball at a goose or run towards one, do NOT try to provoke the geese. You'll learn to regret it.

4. The university promotes awareness of protection against geese attacks.

University of Waterloo

Yes, "how to avoid a goose attack 'cause it's not all fun and feathers'" actually exists. Although you may get used to walking past geese every day, which is no exaggeration, even the university understands that the geese are dangerous creatures who are the bosses on campus. Keep some of these tips in mind because it may just save your life.

5. And they're everywhere.

Katerina Durmanova via Facebook

This isn't a surprise, is it now? We worship and thank Mr. Goose, we steer clear of geese on campus to avoid premature death and our own university is aware of the grave dangers geese are to Waterloo students. No matter what we do, though, we'll always see the geese around wherever we go. It's as if they're one of us, one of the students. They're a part of our lives, and seeing them everywhere is inevitable. 

6. We have a Facebook page about stuff UWaterloo professors say. 

If you ever need words of wisdom from professors at the University of Waterloo or a form of entertainment, the Stuff UWaterloo Professors Say Facebook page is your go-to. Professors can be witty, sarcastic, hilarious, inspiring and even just plain odd. You can even submit some your own favorite quotes of your future professors! Have fun scrolling endlessly through this page when you're trying to avoid some deadlines.

7. University of Waterloo students love memes.

If you haven't already heard this, the University of Waterloo is a school full of memes. Really, there have even been memes such as the "Hi Stranger" character and Handsome Squidward drawn around campus, like at the Quantum Nano Centre (QNC). Memes aren't just memes to us students. They're a way of life. 

8. Need something inspiring? Read some Humans of UWaterloo posts.

Humans of UWaterloo, inspired by Humans of New York (HONY), aims to reach out to individuals of all backgrounds and reveal one story at a time. Each picture tells a heartwarming story about fellow Warriors attending the university, which makes it cool to know that you've probably walked by these strangers on campus without knowing so. This project evokes all sorts of emotions — sympathy, relatability and happiness, which makes it a must-follow on Facebook.

9. The Water Boys are the first Canadian team to qualify as finalists in the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella in over a decade.

We all have to admit that producing music with just our mouths takes pure talent and dedication. One of UW's acapella groups, The Water Boys, have done the university and themselves proud on making it to the championships. Even Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has commended them for their efforts! Be on the lookout for acapella events with The Water Boys when you enter school during the fall term because you're in for a fun and spectacular performance!

10. We never get snow days.

Snow days are unheard of at the University of Waterloo. Even in the most dreadful conditions, like heavy snowfall and icy grounds due to freezing rain, neither classes nor exams have ever been canceled. Hasta la vista to all those times you had snow days in elementary school and high school.

11. The Bombshelter Pub really is the bomb.

A restaurant based at the Student Life Centre (SLC), The Bombshelter Pub is your to-go place for a night of food and music. Known as "The Bomber" to students, there are plenty of events hosted there. They have Bomber Wednesdays, which is a 19+ event, as well as first-year friendly events such as Sex Toy Bingo, trivia nights, themed nights and semi-formals! Sometimes, The Bomber even has FREE FOOD at these events. Like The Bomber's Facebook page to be updated on what events they have in store for Welcome Week because you're bound to get free food and have a good time!

Did you know any of these facts? If you didn't, now you do! Hopefully, these 11 facts gave you some insight into some of the cool things you can expect and keep an eye out on while attending the University of Waterloo. With all jokes aside, I hope that all of you are excited about beginning university and what lies ahead of you in the future. I wish all you the best with your future endeavors. 

Lead Image Credit: Joshua Kwok

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