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Jan 05 2017
by Jade Miller

Waiting for Your Acceptance Letter as Told Through Tom Haverford from Parks and Rec

By Jade Miller - Jan 05 2017

Waiting for those letters of approval to come in can be tough. Whether you applied early decision, early action or regular decision, the wait can only be described by one word: brutal. Luckily, Tom Haverford is here to save the day. You don't have to wait for your acceptance letter alone. Tom is sure to keep you entertained while waiting, all at the same time. 

1. He's just as excited as you are after submitting your application. 

2. The waiting game is just as difficult for you as it is for him. 

3. To reiterate: he's just as impatient.

4. Watching all your friends get accepted? Yeah, that feeling sucks. 

5. Getting accepted into your first college has you feeling extra awesome. 

6. Realizing that there's still a few weeks until you could get your letter.

7. When someone else gets accepted into your school of choice and you're just left, yet again, waiting...

8. When you finally get that letter you've been waiting for....

9. And when you open it....

10. ACCEPTED!!!!!!

11. TREAT. YO. SELF. 2017. 

You don't have to take all the steps that Tom will take waiting for your acceptance letter, but might as well take a few steps to be a little more fabulous like him, right? 

Lead Image Credit: NBC

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Jade Miller - University of Rochester

Jade Miller is a sophomore at the University of Rochester double majoring in Business and English Literature. She is a Junior Editor for the Fresh U national site. She is a member of the sorority Gamma Phi Beta and also a coxswain for UR Rowing. She loves dogs, reading, and having a single this year in her res hall. Follow her on Twitter @jade_miller_

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