It's true: winter is coming. And while we still have school, classes, finals and much more ahead of us in December, it doesn't mean that the libraries and our campuses aren't super pretty. Because they are. Here are a few libraries and famous campus buildings that seem to look surprisingly prettier covered in snow!

1. University of Rochester — Rush Rhees Library

University of Rochester Admissions

2. Lehigh University — University Center

3. Marist College — Student Center

4. Syracuse University — Crouse College

5. University of Iowa — Old Capital

6. Boston University — Counterpoint Sculpture

7. Colorado State University — The Oval

8. University of Alaska, Fairbanks —The Entire Place, Honestly

9. Fordham University — Keating Hall

10. Yale University — Osborn Memorial Laboratories

11. Cornell University — Uris Library

12. Michigan State University — Beaumont Tower

13. University of Massachusetts, Amherst — Dubois Library

While we may not enjoy the weather, we can enjoy it from pictures that other people take from inside our rooms on our laptops! But, that shouldn't stop you from heading outside — you never know how pretty your campus might be! Have some nice pictures of your campus in the snow? Tweet them to us at @FreshUonline!

Lead Image Credit: University of Rochester Admissions