At this point in the month, most high schools have started back. More importantly, a new crew of seniors have entered into the halls of their school for their last-first time. What does this mean? It means that they are just a few steps away from entering the college life that so many of us have just entered. Crazy, right? So, why not take a look at how some of these seniors are feeling on their last-first-day of school! 

1. The Massive Transformations

2. Lots and Lots of Prayers

3. Dropping Out Status

4. Advice from Graduated Students

5. Celebration Posts for Days

6. The Nostalgic Ones

7. The "My Life Is Falling Apart" Statuses

8. The "I'll Act Like I'm Five" Crowd

If anything, know that you won't be alone going into the application process, that you're not alone in being scared for senior year, that you're not alone in the stress or the celebrations. I mean, hell, it's your last-first year. Gotta make it count, right? 

Lead Image Credit: Twitter