Some are pretty predictable, some are a little more interesting. Either way, enjoy these freshmen's resolutions for the new semester. 

1. "Get rid of the freshman 15." 

Robin Ormsby, LeMoyne College

2. "Focus on myself." 

Emma Medina, State University of New York, Geneseo

3. "Be more honest and stop lying to people."

Dana Moffat, University of California Berkeley

4. "Leave events that happened in 2015 in 2015 and focus on living and moving forward."

Abigayle Konys, Brown University

5. "To find an internship, summer job, or research opportunity related to my major."

Freshman at the University of Rochester*

6. "Lots of people set too big goals for one year and don't shoot high enough in the long run, like 5 years. My resolution is little steps and objectives I can do every day to obtain my goal."

Olivia Martinez, Indiana University 

7. "Do well in all my classes aka maintain a 4.0, but also to keep working 10-15 hour work weeks at the med center."

Jade Miller, University of Rochester

8. "Go to all of my classes."

Maggie Wilkerson, LeMoyne College

9. "I want to improve how much alcohol I can consume in one sitting. Can you use that in your article?"

Freshman at the University of Rochester*

10. "To make a 3.5 G.P.A., get on varsity with crew, and get more involved on campus."

Jessika Coleman, Drexel University

11. "My next semester resolution is to actually show up to lectures. And spend money less ridiculously." 

Ricky Herodes, Clarkson University 

12. "Probably not procrastinating as much, run group projects more smoothly, and hang out with friends rather than watching Netflix."

Anna Chiles, Binghamton University

13. "I would say balance out my work more and use my free time more effectively. Also I would like to exercise more regularly."

 Peter D'Amato, Saint Joseph's University

14. "I would like to apply for and be accepted for an internship program this summer."

Kyle Bronson, Nazareth College

15.  "STUDY MORE."

Josh Gutmaker, American University

* = asked to be anonymous

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