I heard about Serengetee through a friend of mine who had been a representative for the brand in the past. She was a college campus representative for the company and after she repped, another one of my friends repped, then another, and another and at that point I had to look and find out what Serengetee was. Learning about it has changed my life for the better and has made my entry into college a lot more interesting.

Serengetee was created by two people: Jeff and Ryan. They were on a Semester at Sea travel abroad program when they came up with the idea. Upon returning to the states, they started their product with one mission: to connect people with fabric, but also to give back to the communities that inspire their products. Launching in 2012, Serengetee took off and starting give back almost immediately, following their motto: “Wear the World. Change the World.”


Currently helping over 32 organizations from Thailand to the United States, the goal is to help support local artisans from around the world. Now, Serengetee is one of the world’s fastest growing clothing brands and I get to be a part of it!

When I learned about Serengetee, I thought the idea of helping causes around the world was ultimately the coolest thing ever. I’ve always wanted to make an impact on the world, no matter what it was. This clothing brand was giving me that chance. This summer, I applied for the hometown campus representative position and got it.


Through this semester, I get to not only wear the brand (which has become one of my favorites), I get to work in some sort of business environment. Because I am a business major, I do have to know a little bit about business so this was the perfect summer job for me. Getting to rep and drop knowledge about Serengetee is a job I never thought I’d have, but it’s one that keeps me engaged with others and gets me excited to work. And on top of that, free gear? Yes. Please.


And while it is an interesting job, it’s one that a lot of other people can have too! I’m only a representative for one semester so that means the rest of you can be reps too! We get awesome cool rep packages (mine came in today with some awesome gear, such as sunglasses and bracelets) and we get to use our marketing skills to better the company and the world.

On that note, if you haven’t looked at Serengetee yet, what are you waiting for? Check it out! They are always looking for new reps (specifically at colleges, since college students are the fastest growing population in the world) and new ways to expand the brand. So check out their website and if you find something you like, go ahead and buy it! I mean, you’re helping local artisans, but you’re also helping to change the world, one T-shirt at a time.

Lead Image Credit: Serengetee