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Feb 04 2016
by Jade Miller

17 High School Students Share Their Biggest Fears about College

By Jade Miller - Feb 04 2016

Editor's Note: A lot of the students will have "Unknown" next to their name. This is because some schools wait until April to let them know their decision.

1. "Not being able to do anything on my own because I've been so dependent on other people for the past 18 years of my life."

- Maggie Perry, University of Rochester '20

2. "Failing, I guess."

- Charles Hennigan, Unknown

3. "Taking care of myself."

- Dan DeNoble, Unknown

4. "Just making the wrong decision about what major I choose and what I want to do in the future because I have no idea what I want to be."

- Lauren Gallagher, Unknown

5. "Not finding a major I like."

- Zack Limmiatis, Lehigh University '20

6. "That I'm gonna get there and not make any friends or hate it there or something."

- Henry Dowthwaite, Unknown

7. "I'm not at that point where I've realized it's actually happening so there's nothing I'm scared of yet. I don't hear back from colleges until April so I guess I'm scared about that."

- Camerin Plew, Unknown

8. "I'm afraid of new people and crowds."

- Dylan Shepard, Unknown

9. "I'm afraid of leaving my dog."

- Kyle O'Byrne, SUNY Geneseo '20

10. "Sharing a bathroom."

- Abby Noble, Unknown

11. "The classes being hard."

- Ally Cass, SUNY Brockport '20