A lot of seniors are now going through the process of deciding what school they want to attend, and a lot of them are still receiving decision letters. To help deal with all of that stress, here's how 8 freshmen realized that they found their home for the next four years.

Emily Lorraine, St Lawrence University '19

"I think everything about it is beautiful. The people, the buildings, like everything. It's a great atmosphere to be successful in. Everyone is super nice and friendly. Amazing facilities for everything. It just feels like home."

Emma Medina, SUNY Geneseo '19

"I chose Geneseo because I got a really good vibe from it and I thought the campus was really beautiful. However, if I’m being honest, a factor was the lower price in comparison to the other places I looked at--but also it was a school I really loved when I visited and got a laid-back kind of feeling from so the price was really just a benefit rather than the reason I decided to go"

Jade Miller, University of Rochester '19

"When I first walked on campus, there was something about the friendliness of the students and the warmth of every place we visited, it felt like home, just 100 miles away from the one I was in now. Going on my official and meeting the crew team that I would be a part of some day was a big factor also, they were all very sweet and did what they could be as inclusive as possible. I also really liked that the Simon School is here and I can pursue my MBA from here, it's not like I have to go somewhere else which is really wonderful have available to me."

Peter D'Amato, St. Joseph's University '19

"I wanted a school that was near a big city but still had a campus/collegiate feel which this does and then I wanted a private catholic school if I could help it and I wanted it to be less than 6 hours driving from home. Finally, this had a recognized science program which is what I am going for so basically it just hit all my main check points. It also is really involved in the community through community service which I really liked because I liked doing community service in high school. The only thing is that I wished it was a little bit bigger but now that I'm here I love my class sizes and I'm so glad it isn't bigger."

Jessika Coleman, Drexel University '19

"I fell in love with the rowing team here, including the coaches. It felt like home when I visited. The hospitality management program here is also in the top ten."

Abigayle Konys, Brown University '19

"During my college search I was really looking for two things: solid academics and a great sailing team. I was completely torn between Brown and Dartmouth and I actually applied ED to Dartmouth, with the reasoning that I came from a small town and would like that feel in a college. I ended up not getting in there, and was wait listed at every single one of my other target schools. Up until the week before my senior year ended, I was enrolled at the University of Miami, which had been my wild card application to begin with. It's a huge school with amazing academic opportunities that I don't think are advertised enough. Then I got a call in the Wegmans parking lot that I was offered admission to Brown, and I've never looked back. I've met more amazing people here in one semester than I believe I will in a lifetime. Everyone is so unique and so encouraging and accepting of your own uniqueness. If there's some cool idea you want to try, there's someone at Brown who is willing to help you make it happen. My team is my family, and I'm so lucky to have them. I was seriously stressed out in high school, but that hasn't been the case at Brown. There is a major emphasis on learning, not on grades, which is nice because that's what the real world in like. I've never been happier than I am here."

Olivia Martinez, Indiana University '19

"I chose it for the music professors and the supportive atmosphere (some conservatories are cut throat but it's not like that here), and in state tuition is a big plus."

Criswell Lavery, University of Rochester, '19

"The community definitely played a big part. Everyone on campus seemed like people that I could hang out with. That was really important to me."

Lead Image Credit: Dartmouth via Wikimedia Commons