As you start to think about picking your majors in college (or already have), you have to start thinking about what you're going to do! Luckily, Fresh U has put together a list of cool careers you can do with an art history major.

1. Art History Professor

This is not just for high school, but for college as well! There are plenty of jobs in the art history field for those that are interested in art and art history. While some teachers teach more than art history, it is becoming a more and more demanding field. 

2. Gallery Director

Interested in working at a gallery? You can do that with an art history major. You may not need all the history, but knowing technique and about the artists is sure to help you out. 

3. Art Specialist

An art specialist is usually someone who can look at art and tell it's quality. Working for a few clients, they will select work for them to have in their homes, businesses and much more. They'll look at various mediums at decide what's best for someone!

4. Curator for a Gallery

A curator will oversee exhibition spaces and play a role in planning gallery openings and events that take place in the gallery space. They manage the gallery department while also overseeing gallery-sponsored public events and sponsorships.

5. Antiques Dealer

Having knowledge of the history of photography and decorative arts will really help you here. An antiques dealer will work by selling antiques to the public, either in a shop or on the internet. There are even organizations such as the Antique Dealers League of America that are helpful in planning events. 

6. Art Librarian

Do you know another language? This might be the job for you! An art librarian is someone who will usually work in a library or gallery with lots of information on the artwork in the library, as well as the artwork that is not always out to the public — think school field trips to the gallery or library. Knowing different languages will help with tourists, especially if you're working in a different country!

7. Art or Estate Appraiser

Knowing about a maker's marks, imprints and history of design are really important here. An appraiser will tell you about how something is made, what is important about it and finally, what it probably costs. They work with antique dealers and in galleries to describe the artwork to those who are interested!

8. Producer of TV and Film

Recently, there are a lot of producers and directors who are very independent and release their films at film festivals. This is a chance to express a more creative side of yourself while using interesting art techniques!

9. Art Investor

Interested in more art? Probably. This is basically a chance to invest in artists to create art to be sold at galleries. This is sometimes called art pawning, where art objects are used as collateral for loans. But, either way, you end up with really cool art. 

Whether or not you are sure of what you're going to do after college, make sure you're not left in the dust when you're talking to your advisors! Who knows, art history might just be the major for you! 

Lead Image Credit: Igor Miske via Unsplash