Finals week can always be super stressful. Nothing says "I'm stressed" better than staying in the library until the day break of tomorrow, but taking a break now and then is a good idea. Here are some tips in order to stay relaxed during finals week!

1. Keep Moving

This may seem weird, but Health Journeys suggests that when stressed, you should get up and out of your chair and move around for about 15 minutes. This will allow your limbs to move around, get oxygen to parts of your body that haven't gotten it since you sat down and you can get more blood to your brain. 

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2. Meditate

There are plenty of odd positions that you can do, but Venerable Youheng from the Hsi Lai Temple says one of the best things you can do to meditate is focusing on your breathing, even if you aren't in certain positions. You count every breath up to 10, and once you reach 10, start back at one, and continue for 15 minutes. It will slow down your breathing and keep you relaxed!

3. Organize Your Desk

This is a great study break for when you're overwhelmed. By organizing your desk, you're creating a clean environment for you to focus in. Clean desk, clean mind, better studying. 

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4. Go to the Gym

Elephant Journal suggests going for a run or doing a sweaty workshop for a less than an hour. This is because your body will be able to pump out endorphins and you will be able to focus better. Even if you can't do this, remember tip number one, keep moving!

5. Stay Awake Naturally

First off, this is important because you shouldn't be forcing yourself to stay awake in order to study. If you start to get tired, you should sleep! The second part of this is a meditation technique. International yoga teacher, creator of the site Om Gal and author of "Do Your Om Thing," Rebecca Pacheco calls this technique "Breath of Joy." It's meant for if you've been sitting for a long time, begin to nod off or get antsy. You'll want to stand up, lift your two arms together at the level of your belly button. Then, open arms and slowly bring up to the level of your shoulders. Then, lift your two arms together over your head. Lastly, throw your arms behind you as you squat down and breath out of your mouth. Repeating this three or four times can be really helpful!

Steps 1 and 2; The College Juice
Steps 3 and 4; The College Juice

6. Eat Healthy

Another obvious one, but this is serious! Proper nutrition and a healthy diet can lower stress levels dramatically. 

7. Less Caffeine

Soda and coffee may be enticing during finals week, but you should be careful when deciding to drink these! Cengage Brainiac states that you'll do more harm than good to your study habits and to yourself. In fact, too much caffeine can actually cause mood swings and more stress! So, if you're going to have a soda, energy drink or coffee, keep it to a minimum. I mean, you do want to sleep eventually, right? 

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8. Think Positive

Seems like it wouldn't help, but it definitely does! Amherst Wire editor Brilee Weaver says that staying positive and creating attainable goals for yourself can help keep you happy and allow for more enthusiasm in your habits!

9. Aroma-therapy

Instructor Kirstin Caforio Marengo of Worcester at Hot Power Yoga Center says that aroma-therapy can relieve stress. Specifically, a mix of lavender and vanilla can relieve tense shoulders and stiff jaw, which may help you relax physically. Peppermint is also a great pain-relieving agent to help relieve headaches and help you focus. Consider adding peppermint oil to your coffee order or getting a peppermint air freshener. 

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Sure, these next few days of studying are going to be hard, but hopefully these tips help make the process a little easier! Happy finals week!

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