As you step into college, whether you're undecided or not, you're probably wondering what career is the best for you. Often, people think that the best careers are the ones directly with their major, but you can do so much more with a major than just a specific field. So, this one's for you, Economics majors. 8 things you can do with your major, even if they're a little unexpected. 

1. Market Research Analyst

Most economics majors don't get jobs with the word "economist" in their job title. But, an analyst tracks sales, costs, profits and much more at their stores. They focus on sales increasing, and how they're increasing. The same goes for decreasing sales. These analytics will impact late marketing decisions, so they'll compare their stores numbers to national economic data in order to make a sound decision. 

2. Sales

Surprisingly, Econ majors can go into this field without being a part of that track in college. They understand the market economy, relationships between supply and demand and they know how to have real conversations with people. This type of job is seen on different levels, such as in retail stores, car stores, real estate and much more. 

3. Economic Consultant

This job uses analytical and research skills to carry out economic scenarios, whether or not they happen. They kind of act like a expert witness to legal cases to look at damages, analyze intellectual property and antitrust violations. Seems confusing, but these people work for corporate clients, so it's kind of like the counterpart to a corporate lawyer. 

4. Compensation and Benefits Manager

Compensation and Benefits Manager are responsible for designing a company's employee benefits. They have to think in numbers. Like an analyst, they study trends in the labor market and assess supply and demand for various classes of jobs. They look at and create reports to represent these findings to senior management. They may work closely with the HR department of a company as well. 

5. Business Reporter

Yes, this is possible. They have to research, write and broadcast stories about business leaders, companies, trends, developments and market. This type of job would be for someone who is also interested in journalism and is rather outgoing as a person. As we enter a modern economic world, this is a field more people are going into as well. 

6. Agricultural Economist

An agricultural economist does research and analysis relating to agriculture, food, natural resources and rural America for use by public and private decision makers. They focus on environmental, consumer and public interest groups, such as farms and industries along with the general public. 

7. Economic Affairs Officer

This is a job where you will most likely work for a government agency. They are responsible for conducting research and analysis (surprise!) on trends and their potential impact on governments or business sectors. 

8. Economics Writer / Content Coordinator

If you like writing, this is a job that could be easily combined with your Economics major. They are responsible for (a company) writing, creating and editing content to assist in the production of products and reports by a corporation. Basically, they take data and technical analysis and put it into a format that the general public audience can understand. 

Truth is, there are so many other jobs out there besides these. There are so many jobs that economics majors can go into besides economics, which is what makes the major so diverse and so interesting. If you're questioning your major, just remember, there are plenty of possibilities for you. Just look online! You'd be surprised. 

Lead Image Credit: Anjan Sarkar via Flickr Creative Commons