There are plenty of physical things that you're going to need for college. But, there are some things that are just better left on your phone. Turns out, these apps can make your first (and the rest) semester easier than you thought. 

1. EasyBib

Having trouble citing sources? Let’s be real, you might. Between APA, Chicago, Harvard, ASA, AMA, CSE and many others, you might struggle to cite books and websites. And yes, you can use websites like KnightCite, but why not have a citation machine at your fingertips? This generator has billions (yes, billions) of citations generated already, and if you need a new one, you can scan your book barcode with your phone and the citation will automatically be generated.  

2. Self-Control

During college, there will be lots of free time. You’ll probably have projects or papers to be working on, but 5 Seconds of Summer is doing a live interview, or Twitter just updated and you need to try it out. Procrastination will be the end of us, but with this app, not so much. You can set yourself a timer for 15 minutes, or 4 hours (maybe even longer if that paper is due the next day). This will cause your phone (or computer) to behave as if it is offline. You can even decide on certain cites rather than just the entire internet, like Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter or Youtube. If you finish before the timer is up, you’re out of luck. No amount of restarting or rebooting will cause the timer to finish early! 

3. Mint

Being in college means that we have to be more responsible as human beings. As scary as it sounds, there is an app to help you out. Mint helps you manage your cash flow, your budge and your bills. You can get a clear view of your entire financial life; you’ll see and be able to pay your bills from your phone, you can check your credit and you can create budgets for certain errands so that you never go over budget. Trust me, you’ll want this. 

4. Skype

You may already have this installed on your laptop, but consider getting it for your phone too! You never really know when you’ll have free time to talk to your family, friends, distant relatives you don’t really now or your pets. Keeping it at your fingertips will prepare you for the video call of a lifetime (especially if your family lives far away and can’t visit on occasion). The new Skype Update also lets you video call more than one person at a time, which makes the app even better, am I right? 

5. iStudiez (Lite)


Think you need a real physical planner to make things happen in a timely manner? Think again. iStudiez helps with that! With easy navigation, you’ll be sure to never miss another course, lecture or lab again. This app will help you arrange your schedule, plan homework and track deadlines. And if you think you need more than what the lite version gives, you the pro version allows you to track your GPA and multiple semesters of work! 

The best part about all of these apps, they're free! So while you may be paying loans on top of loans, at least you can figure everything else out without taking anything our of your wallet.