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Oct 26 2016
by Jade Miller

24 Halloween Tweets to Get You Pumped for Halloweekend

By Jade Miller - Oct 26 2016

Halloween is just around the corner, and you know what that means: lots of really excited tweets about arguably the most fun holiday of the year. Right? Yes. Here's a list of tweets that sum up the Halloween feels. 

1. Ellen's Urgency About Costumes

2. These Spins on Netflix

3. The Struggle to Find a Costume

4. The Relation to College

5. The Crazy Amount of Memes that Exist Now

6. The Word Halloweekend is a Common Vocab Term 

7. The Awkwardly #Relateable Tweets

If this doesn't get you pumped for Halloween weekend, I'm not sure what will. May I suggest watching some Halloween movies? I'm sure number two is more than enough help in that department! 

Lead Image Credit: @RyansAverageLife via Twitter

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Jade Miller - University of Rochester

Jade Miller is a sophomore at the University of Rochester double majoring in Business and English Literature. She is a Junior Editor for the Fresh U national site. She is a member of the sorority Gamma Phi Beta and also a coxswain for UR Rowing. She loves dogs, reading, and having a single this year in her res hall. Follow her on Twitter @jade_miller_

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