2016 was filled with lots and lots of awesome desserts but 2017 is gonna be filled with plenty of tastier ones. In order to prepare your Instagram feed, here are Fresh U's top picks of food Instagram (emphasis on the food, emphasis on the dessert) accounts to follow in the new year.

1. @karascupcakes

Kara's Cupcakes is a cupcake/artisan bakery located in San Francisco California. While they specialize in cupcakes, they also have tons of cakes, cookies and other treats to enjoy in the new year. Plus, nothing beats the cute pink boxes they come in! 

2. @thecakeblog

The name says it all. The Cake Blog focuses on cakes, but also showcases on cookies and cupcakes, all holiday themed! It's an inspiration blog, but it's too good to not drool at!

3. @letmeeatcake

With over 72k followers, Let Me Eat Cake is an Instagram of one woman trying to take over the Insta world, one dessert at the time. Labeling cake as her "love language," Natassia Johnson is the exact person to follow if interested in all types of desserts. 

4. @julieskitchen

Julie Lee is an Instagrammer with more than just desserts, rather, is filled with the full course meal! Nothing but healthy choices on this Instagram, but still just as delicious looking!

5. @ediblebrooklyn

If you're looking for the best food in one of NYC's boroughs, Edible Brooklyn showcases the most scrumptious items in Brooklyn. Featuring more than desserts, this is the Instagram to look at if wandering around the city for a few days. Or months. 

6. @joythebaker

Joy makes all her own food. She also posts pictures of her cats. What's not to love? 

7. @izyhossack 

Originally known as @topwithcinnamon, this account is run by 20 year old Izy, who studies Food Science and Nutrition. This is seriously the Instagram to follow in 2017. 

8. @bakerella

Run by blogger Angie, this account is one hundred percent cake pops. Sure, there are few cookies thrown here and there, but it's mainly cake pops. Lots of cake pops. 

9. @bakersroyale_naomi

The name says it all! This account is run by baker and food blogger Naomi, who has a cookbook coming out in 2017! 

10. @howsweeteats

Located in Pittsburgh, PA, Jessica Merchant is an account worth following. Filled with lots of good food like pasta and pizza, she also features lots and lots and lots (and lots...do you get the point?) of awesome desserts!

11. @freutcake

Blogger for Freutcake, Leah Bergman is based out of Los Angeles, CA. This is a dessert only account, with a few pictures of cute adorable kids along the way.  

12. @sucreshop

Sucre Shop is a party and gift designer store, with the most incredible desserts. 10/10 recommend if you're looking to go on a dessert adventure. 

13. @acozykitchen

Featuring sweet and savory food, Adrianna Adarme focuses on the best of the best in LA. 

14. @annieseats

Known for creating her own desserts, and foods, this account is filled with the most delicious meals possible. She even has a blog so you can learn how to make them too! 

15. @britandco

Known for having lots of cute desserts to begin with as a blog, Brit + Co has ton of desserts worth drooling over. 

16. @rachelmariacakes

Located in Toronto, Collingwood and Waterloo, ON, Rachel Maria is a maker of cakes that showcases these on Instagram. If you're ever in need of a wedding cake.... 

17. @petite.et.belle 

Last on the list, but not least, is Petite et Belle by Natasha. A shop located in Sydney, Australia, the focus is on cakes and cake jars. Confused? Don't be. They're pretty yummy. 

Seventeen Instagram accounts to follow in 2017? Count me in! If you can't actually treat yo' self, might as well treat yo' eyes to some yummy desserts! Happy following! 

Lead Image Credit: Kara's Cupcakes via Instagram