A lot of Black Friday shoppers tend to get out early Thursday evening to go shopping. But, a lot of stores are now not opening their doors until Friday actually starts! To help you with all of your shopping needs, Fresh U has put together a list of stores that will be closed on Thanksgiving and when on Friday they will be open!

1. Bed Bath and Beyond 

Closed, but open on Friday at 6 AM.

2. Costco 

Closed, but open on Friday at 9 AM.

3. Five Below 

Open on Thanksgiving starting at 6 PM, but they open on Friday at 7 AM as well! 

4. JCPenny 

They have normal hours on Friday, but will close at 10 PM. Don't worry, they're starting their Black Friday sale early, at around 3 PM on Thursday.

5. Michael's

Open from 6 PM to midnight on Thursday, but open again at 7 AM on Friday, in case you like to sleep in. 

6. TJ Maxx and Marshalls 

Closed on Thursday, but open at 7 AM on Friday! 

7. Nordstrom

This is currently a rumor, but they are said to be closed on Thursday, and opening again on Friday at 8 AM.

8. Patagonia

Closed on Thursday, open on Friday from 10 AM to 7 PM.

9. REI (Not even open on Black Friday! Sorry!)

If you really did want to shop at REI, check out the hashtag #OptOutside. It's genius. 

10. Staples

If you're really into school supplies, you can't get them on Thursday. Try Friday, when they open at 6 AM.

11. Best Buy

Open from 5 PM to one in the morning on Thursday, they close down for a few hours and open back up on Friday morning at 8, staying open until 10 PM to satisfy your electronic needs. 

12. BJ's 

Closed on Thursday, open at 7 AM on Friday! 

13. Costco

Also closed on Thursday, but open at 9 AM on Friday! Hopefully you can wait a day to get all your post-Thanksgiving meals. 

14. Sears

On Thanksgiving, they will have hours from 6 PM to midnight, and then will open again at 5 AM on Friday!

15. Old Navy 

Old Navy will start it's Black Friday Sale at 4 PM on Thursday and will carry over into Friday all day. 

16. ULTA 

Open on Thanksgiving, starting at 6 PM and closing at 2 AM so their employees can get some sleep before the next day. 

Now, if this doesn't give you enough places that will be open for your Christmas, personal or birthday shopping needs, check out this site! They list places that are closed as they pop up, so you have a good idea of what to expect come Friday morning at one before heading out! Happy shopping!

Lead Image Credit: Mike Petrucci via Unsplash