The hardest thing about going to college besides leaving your pets and family is leaving your best friend(s) behind. Here's why it's harder after winter break, instead of leaving them in the fall, which is still heartbreaking, but just go with me on this one. I've even included the cutest of photos with my best friend, Molly for your enjoyment! 

Jade Miller

1. You created more inside jokes over break and now you have no one to share them with. 

2. You want to continue your ugly snapchat war but you're always in class or around other people and that's not okay. 

3. They send you dog pictures and you're left just showing them pictures of homework. 

4. If they're still in HS, they're surrounded by people you know fully. In college, you don't really know everyone. 

Jade Miller

5. The Panera dates have to come to a halt because you can't even afford a cup of water in college. 

6. You can only complain about boys (or girls) for a certain amount of time because you have a class to go to.

7. The album on your phone dedicated to you two (or more) has to be put on pause for a while. 

8. You finally caught them up on everything going on, and you had to leave, meaning there will be EVEN MORE next time you see them. 

Jade Miller

9. You finally realized that a month together was not enough time, like, you had 3 months over the summer to get ready to leave. This was less than a month. Un. Fair. 

10. They're still in touch with the real world, and you're still confused on what day it is at this point. 

11. If you used to be on a team together, you'll get those new team snapchats that break your heart (this one hits home for me). 

Jade Miller

12. You hear from other people they've picked up your mannerisms and you wish you could hug them but you'll have to be proud from the sidelines. 

13. Every time something good happens you want to tell them but they can't always get back right away because they're also busy. This one sucks a lot.  

14. The throwbacks keep getting more sentimental and tears actually start to happen.

15. On top of that, you start to remember all the adventures you had when you actually could have them, because now it's winter and there's no way you'll go adventuring. 

Jade Miller

And lastly,

16. No matter how far away you are, you never fail to text them about an event that happens, because their reaction means more than the world.

So, to the best friends you left at home to go to college, and to my best friend Molly: You are missed terribly. And I cannot WAIT to see you after this semester is over. There is a chance I will tackle you, but that's kind of expected at this point in our friendship.

Lead Image Credit: Jade Miller