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Dec 28 2016
by Jade Miller

14 Tips for College From A Second Semester Sophomore

By Jade Miller - Dec 28 2016

College is hard, no doubt. But, there is more to college than you'll ever know, even me. But, as you gain a little more knowledge, a little more insight, a little more knowing what to expect as you go into your next class, next club meeting, next dining hall experience, the list goes on and on. So, why not give you some advice from someone who may (or may not) give you some even better tips going into next semester? 

1. Blankets are your Best Friend

If your school is old, most of the time the library is not heated and will be cold during the next few months. Bringing a blanket to the library is not a bad idea. Trust me, I do it all the time. 

2. Find a Few Places to Study

You don't want just one place to study, you'll want a few. Lots of the time, your "study place" is someone else's as well. If they get there before you, make sure you have a Plan B, Plan C, Plan D, etc. Plus, a change of view is always good.

3. Bring Ziploc Bags to the Dining Halls

Food is food. Bring bags to the dining halls so you can fill them with cereal, fruit, donuts, whatever you can find so you have snacks for later! That way, you don't have to spend more than you have to. 

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4. Do Not Be Embarrassed of Drunk Ordering Food to Eat 

Sometimes, it happens. Ordering that Chinese food or that Calzone at two in the morning is not a bad thing, no matter who judges you. That food is 10 times better drunk than it will ever be sober. 

5. Speak Your Mind in Class

If you don't agree with someone, say it. Out loud. If you think they're wrong, say it. Out loud. If you think there's a discussion to be had, say it. Out loud. Do not let someone who thinks they know everything control the classroom. You are just as bright as they are. Different views are important. Use yours to this advantage. 

6. If You're Gonna Drink During the Week, Get the Good Stuff

Thirsty Thursday does not mean drink shitty wine. It means drink Dogfish Head IPA. It means hanging out with a few good friends. It does not mean SVEDKA and cranberry juice chaser. That's what the weekend is for. Save the good stuff for the good people, not the crowd. 

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7. Apply for that Internship that was Mass Emailed to Your Year

If you don't apply, you're just like the rest of your year not applying. Plus, even if you don't get it, it's an opportunity to work on your application. You never know if you'll get it! There's a reason the school sends these out. Use it to your advantage!

8. Pick your Own Damn Music

Just because your friends like some type of music taste doesn't mean you have to. If you like jamming to Disney Classics while studying, who's going to stop you? Your music is your identity, keep it that way! 

9. Call Your Parents Every Week

Seriously, do this. Even if you don't think you want to, your parents miss you and won't be the first to call you. You could go months without talking, and honestly, that's not the relationship you're going to want with them. I didn't call my parents for a month and a half, and I regret it. Having weekly calls allows us to talk about our weeks and to check up on how I'm doing at school without them breathing down my throat. Plus, a little bit of home never hurts. 

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10. Get a Tool Kit

Things will fall apart. Having tools is a good idea. Get them. Trust me. 

11. Give Back

Maybe not to your college, but to the community. There are so many easy volunteering events you can partake in that can help your community thrive. Volunteering at a children's hospital once a month, or even bi-monthly, is a lot of help. 

12. Don't Be Sad if You Lose Friends

This is okay. Your hallmate friends are not the only friends you'll make in college, so don't limit your friends to this group. I still talk to my hallmates from freshman year, but I've extended my friend group, and have even joined others as the year went on, and even now those are changing. Do not be afraid to make new friends. New friends are good friends.