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Oct 16 2015
by Jade Miller

13 Tweets That Totally Sum Up Group Projects

By Jade Miller - Oct 16 2015

1. The Never Answering Group

2. They make you hate your classmates.

3. Or they make you only want to work solo.

4. There's always one who drops the class before the assignment is due.

5. Sometimes, lyrics explain how the projects feel...

6. Blogs can do the same.

7. Or, if you're lucky, it's not a people problem, but a collaboration problem

8. They give you nightmares.

9. They make your anxiety levels rise:

10. This is the product of too many bad experiences

11. Or maybe one too many bad experiences.

12. College group projects are basically impossible; the hungover kids will ruin it for you.

13. So, in conclusion, group projects can be viewed in one way: 

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Jade Miller - University of Rochester

Jade Miller is a sophomore at the University of Rochester double majoring in Business and English Literature. She is a Junior Editor for the Fresh U national site. She is a member of the sorority Gamma Phi Beta and also a coxswain for UR Rowing. She loves dogs, reading, and having a single this year in her res hall. Follow her on Twitter @jade_miller_

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