There are plenty of playlists to get you through finals and the study period right before. But what about a playlist to define how you're really feeling? Truth is, those rarely exist. Lucky for you, Fresh U has put together a list of songs that you can listen to you when you break down in the middle of the library on a Tuesday afternoon before your second final, because that's exactly what you need, right? 

1. "Stressed Out" — Twenty One Pilots

We start with Twenty One Pilots because that's the only way to start a finals breakdown playlist. Not only does this song have great lyrics, but it's a song everyone will know. No one will even notice your eyes have started to twitch due to the lack of sleep you've gotten. 

2. "Make Me (Cry)" — Noah Cyrus ft. Labrinth 

A recently released song, this has everything you need to make you feel awkward and very uncomfortable, but also contains some good parts to make you think you might have it all together. It's a pretty quiet song with a good rhythm, but there is some screaming of words that we don't quite understand yet, which is pretty similar to what is screamed during finals week. A win-win. 

3. "Feelings Fade" — Gnash

All the songs by Gnash are pretty sad. This is just another one of those. Doesn't really need an explanation. 

4. "Thank You" — MKTO 

This is way more upbeat. It's an oldie but a goodie nonetheless. It's sung to those who aren't exactly the best students. This is for when you're full blown crying, and you need a little pick-me-up to prove you can do anything. This song will do that for you. 

5. "Control" — Halsey

The lyrics of this song really hit home when it comes to college. It's definitely one of those songs that only makes you more upset about finals and study, but if you listen closely, there's some really good lines that you may find motivating in it. I suggest not listening to this in the library, because you don't want to scare away your study buddies with your tears and a song like this one. 

6. "All I Ask" — Adele

As if we'd leave out an Adele song. We could put any Adele song in this playlist and it would still do the trick. But "All I Ask," from her new album is a great song to listen to for when the clock turns to three in the morning when you're just starting to break down into tears. The lyrics may be talking about Adele's loves, but they could easily apply to the love for your major. Because, let's be real, finals can make you hate it even if you've loved it since you got to college. 

7. "BeFoUr" — ZAYN 

Trying to bring you back from the sadness that is Adele songs, Zayn is a good way to bring you back into the study zone. The purpose of songs like this is to give you three to four minutes of productivity before the next breakdown that may occur at any time. The beat of this song is a good way to stay in momentum when taking notes or studying and looking at flashcards. Of course, the words are pretty similar to how you may feel during finals. I'd suggest a listen. 

8. "You're Such A" — Hailee Steinfeld

Another upbeat song to get you in a good mood. This is a song to play for when you're ready to scream at your laptop, your notes, the people around you or into thin air about the exams you have to take. You'll feel a lot better after, scout's honor. 

9. "River of Tears" — Alessia Cara

The name is pretty self-explanatory. Sure, it's a breakup song, as you can imagine, because most of these songs are breakup songs, so this is just another to add onto the list. Luckily, you can cry to this one and still feel okay, because there is some self-confidence-esque lines thrown into this as well. 

10. "Grow — Olly Murs

To come back from the load of sad songs you've been listening to, this one should cheer you up a little bit! It's a sad song, but with a upbeat tone, which is kind of how finals week goes, right? Finals week is also the time where those orientation friendships are tested. The song is representative of how these friendships can sort of disappear over time, which can be just as sad as studying for your exams. 

11. "Dancing On My Own" — Calum Scott

This song is sad with a huge side of sad. Sure, it's more of a breakup song, but it's still pretty relevant to finals and term papers. If you think about it, you and your major are kind of in this relationship for the long haul, and there's no reason why you wouldn't feel the same way about your major as you would about your significant other. Think of it like this: your major not wanting to be with you, even if you give it your all. That's what this song is about. Cue the second round of tears after an all-nighter. 

12. "Writing's On The Wall" — Sam Smith

Similar to Adele, it'd be wrong to not put Sam Smith into this mix when it comes to sad songs and stress and trying to de-stress. The music makes it sound like it's going to be sad, but as the theme for the next James Bond movie, Spectre, you know that it's not the case. This song will make you feel all the feelings, and you'll probably shed exactly one tear at the end. If not, you'll feel much more motivated to keep studying. It's quite a build-up song. Highly recommend. 

13. "My Way" — Calvin Harris

To finish up the playlist of sad songs, we're bringing you back to your cheery self in order to get back in the zone of reading period. Your finals are the one thing in your way before you get to go home for winter break, so if there's a time to study and put all your effort into something, it's now! Take this song as your sign to bring back all your emotions, bottle them up for the next day and a half and study hard. 

Sure, there are plenty of songs that can summarize up finals week, but nothing is better than listening to songs that prove your feelings are correct and songs that motivate you to get back in the zone. Happy studying! 

Lead Image Credit: Alvaro Serrano via Unsplash