Struggling with bid day themes, recruitment chair? Look no further. Looking for just a bit of inspiration to craft for a little? Same thing, look no further. Here are Fresh U's top picks for the cutest bid day themes. Take notes. 

1. Unicorns — Delta Phi Epsilon — Townson University 

2. Friends — Sigma Delta Tau — Hofstra University 

3. Galaxy — Delta Gamma — University of Delaware

4. Baseball — Gamma Delta Sigma — Missouri Baptist University 

5. Mermaids — Zeta Tau Alpha — Townson University 

6. Roaring 20's — Sigma Kappa — St. Louis University 

7. AC/DC — Alpha Phi — Hofstra University 

8. New York State of Mind — Phi Sigma Sigma — Hofstra University 

9. NFL — Alpha Sigma Alpha — Rowan University 

10. Valentine's Day — Chi Omega — University of Massachusetts 

11. I Feel Like Kanye — Sigma Sigma Sigma — University of Massachusetts

12. Mardi Gras — Alpha Gamma Delta — University of West Florida

Yes, these are super creative, so don't let it stop your creative flow! Keep it going! Come up with something super unique and not done before! The outcome may just be #instaworthy.

Lead Image Credit: @marymanley via Instagram