Picture this: spring semester. You've just gotten back to campus. It's the middle of January. It's cold. Your boring socks aren't helping, and you can feel the frostbite slowly kicking in. "Should've thought ahead," you think. Have no fear, second semester freshmen, we've got you covered. A lot of freshmen are still going to be clueless on what they need for college, and that's totally understandable — it's still a new place, with new people to meet and new experiences to have. Here's a list of items to remember to ask for or get before heading back to college in order to survive your second set of midterms, finals, and second semester. 

1. Fleece/Wool Socks

This one is an obvious one, but for those of you who have never had a pair of wool socks or fleece socks, you are missing out. Your toes will never go cold again. This is a good way to stay warm while in your dorm, during the walk in between classes and your dorm, or while studying. I recommend at least three pairs, but, if you're anything like me, you'll end up with a plethora that never stops growing.

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2. Barnes and Noble/Amazon Gift Cards

It's a new semester, which means new classes. This is the time to ask for gift cards in order to rent or buy your textbooks. If you're a Barnes and Noble school, you probably already know what textbooks you have to get, since you've probably registered for classes. Obviously you're going to want to buy/rent the books closer to the spring semester, but having the gift cards handy so you're not spending $100 on a math textbook is worth it. Last semester, I had a law textbook that cost $200, so having gift cards can prove helpful.

3. Text-able Gloves

You may already have these, but a second pair will not hurt the soul in any way, shape or form. It's especially helpful to have more than one pair of these gloves in case it's really snowy one day and a pair is wet. A backup never hurts!

4. Winter Boots — At the Very Least, Boots

January to March tend to be colder months, so having a pair of boots to handle the snow, rain, sleet, hail or whatever your wonderful weather throws your way. They'll also keep your feet nice and warm with or without those fleece or wool socks. 

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5. Flannel Sheets

This is just another add on to the cold months ahead, but honestly, flannel sheets are a gift sent from some unknown wonderful world. It's like sleeping in sheets of plaid flannels, which, is pretty wonderful. They also add a second level of comfort to a dorm room because your room is just that much cozier. Also consider getting fleece blankets. Those are also super cozy. 

6. New Notebooks

New semester, new school supplies! This is the time to ask for the little things that Staples or Office Max will have. If you're lucky, these places will have sales since it's not known as a prime time for shopping for supplies like it is in August. Pro-tip: get blank cover notebooks to decorate yourself when you're bored at the beginning of the semester to make them super personable!

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7. Toothbrush

You should have really changed your toothbrush if you haven't already, but now is the time to go home, go to your local CVS, grocery story, Rite Aid or whatever you have in your town and get a new toothbrush. Even go to that dentist visit reluctantly to get one. Not only will your teeth thank you for a clean toothbrush, but you'll feel cleaner and more refreshed with a brush that hasn't been used for four to five months straight. Trust me. 

8. Resupply of Pens

Another school supply must! If you're like me at all, you've lost at least half of your pens. Get a new supply to last you to the end of the semester! The same goes for pencils, markers, highlighters, etc. — whatever is your go-to writing utensil of choice. 

9. Pre-Made Homemade Meals

If you're lucky enough to have a fridge as a freshman, go ahead and ask (politely, eagerly, whatever works) for some homemade meals that can be frozen that you can just microwave and have as midnight snacks or dinner! Not only will it help you when you feel homesick, but nothing makes a cold day better than warm food. 

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10. Scarves

Scarves are underrated. They don't get enough credit. Think about all the neck heat you're giving away on the daily! As it gets colder, you'll need something to keep your neck warm on those walks between your dorm, class and the library. Feel free to get some over break so that you can survive the wind that may or may not whip hail and snow at your neck and face in the middle of the day. 

While there are plenty of things to bring back with you to college for the second semester, don't miss out on some of these items! You'll be wishing you had some of them later!

Lead Image Credit: Giulia Bertelli via Unsplash