What's scary, quickly-approaching and inevitable? If you didn't guess finals, you're wrong. But, if you did guess finals, you're right! Finals will be a lot of stress, sometimes it'll be less, sometimes a little more, and honestly at some points you're going to need to de-stress. Let's take this as an opportunity to do just that, looking at the phases of finals week as told by Tina Belcher from Bob's Burgers. 

1. Thinking "I Got This"

2. When You've Been Studying for Hours

3. Going into Your First Exam Not Studying Enough

4. Your "It's Okay" Face 

5. Trying to Understand the Questions in Front of You

6. Finishing your First Exam

7. Realizing you Have a Second Exam in Two Days

8. After Studying for 24 Hours Straight in the Library 

9. Finally Finishing Studying for the Last Exam

10. Officially Finishing all your Exams and Getting to Go Home

Just think: if Tina Belcher can get through the weird relationship that is her and Jimmy Jr., you can get through finals. Happy Studying!

Lead Image Credit: Fox