Midterms and finals and finally being involved in college can leave you pretty stressed out. That being said, I feel you. So, if you're stressed out, or just need a little bit of relaxation, here is a list of weird games you can play in your free time to help you destress, relax, take a break or procrastinate for the next seventeen hours of your life. 

1. The Typing Test

Ever wonder how fast you can type? Now is the time to find out! They let you type for about 60 seconds, and you see what your speed is, your accuracy and how to improve. A great way to work on essays where you repeat yourself over and over again!

2. Starfield

Wanna go at warp speed? Answer: yes. This weblink takes you to a site that is literally just you going through space. Pro tip: if you move around your mouse and click, cool things will happen. 


3. Weave Silk 

This is absolutely one of my favorites. It's an interactive drawing game where you click and drag, but it creates super cool images that you'd probably even hang up in your dorm! You can change the colors too, but either way, it's super awesome! 

4. Chicken on a Raft

I'll be honest, this does nothing but test your patience. Basically, the idea is to see how long you can stand the song that plays, which, is about a chicken on a raft, and hope you do better than the person next to you. I showed my dad this, and it did not go well for the family. 


5. Procrastination

Meet Pete, your new best friend. You are a procrastination agent. Make sure he doesn't study for his test. Pretty self explanatory. Plus, the music they chose is really nice and calming. It's sure to keep you relaxed after a long day. 


6. GeoGuessr

This is a fun one. You get placed somewhere in the world, and you have to find out where you are. You basically go exploring through Google Street View, which, if you're like me, you will find really entertaining. Plus, you might find some cool places to visit in your future!

7. A Firelit Room

Into poetry? This is the game for you. You start off with the following sentences: "The room is freezing. The fire is dead." You basically have to find a way to survive, but do so in short sentences that are poetic and kind of really annoying after a while. In the meantime, it is a great source of procrastination for the soul. 

8. Sanger.dk 

I wish I had a better name for this, but I don't, so let me break it down. It's a pug licking your screen. That's it. Enjoy. 


9. Do Nothing

Have you ever heard the word "relax?" Yeah, it's kind of non-existent in college. This website is called "Do Nothing for 2 Minutes," where you cannot move your mouse, touch your keyboard, nothing, for two whole minutes. This will finally give you a chance to breathe and calm down - maybe after a long day or an exam!

10. Chase a Cursor

The idea of this game is to keep a small man away from your cursor! If he gets it, you lose. See how long you can last! It's very simple, very easy and a great way to not do work. 

Of course, there are other fun games out there that can be played, but these websites are just a few to get your mind off of college, even if it's just for two minutes! Happy procrastinating!

Lead Image Credit: iDriss Fettoul via Unsplash