Ever wonder what you were missing out on in greek life? Or, better yet, what other greek organizations do that make them seem like #greekgoals? Now's your chance to find some inspiration! Here are some top Instagrams to follow to make you filled with envy! 

1. Gamma Phi Beta — Mizzou 

2. Delta Gamma — University of Miami

3. Alpha Phi — University of Alabama

4. Kappa Alpha Theta — Miami Ohio

5. Pi Beta Phi — ASU

6. Alpha Omicron Pi — UGA

7. Zeta Tau Alpha — Clemson

8. Delta Zeta — ASU

9. Kappa Kappa Gamma — USC

10. Alpha Chi Omega — SDSU

Of course, nothing will ever beat your organization. But maybe, just maybe, you'll get a little inspiration. 

Lead Image Credit: @sororities via Instagram