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Dec 15 2015
by Jaclyn Imai

7 Ways to Stay Warm in Your Dorm

By Jaclyn Imai - Dec 15 2015

1. Turn on the heater.

If you have a heater, then USE IT. Yes, I know it's difficult to reach over next to your bed and turn the heater on, but it's there for a reason.  If you are one of the blessed individuals that has a heater in your dorm, don't just use it - defend it. With. Your. Life.

2. Take a Warm Shower

Again, it might seem obvious, but a warm shower really helps.  Yeah sure, California is in a drought and other states will probably follow in the near future, but that five to thirty minutes in a warm shower is worth it.

3. Hide Under Your Covers Like a Hibernating Bear.

Who says Halloween has to last for one day and one day only? You can be a hibernating bear any day. And it'll keep you warm.

4. Cuddle with a Buddy.

Penguins scientifically cuddle with each other for warmth. So why can't we? As long as everyone gives consent, cuddle puddles can be an effective way to conserve body heat and mooch off of others. Just make sure to ask permission first.

5. Use Various Hand Mugs for Warmth.

You might look weird just huddled in a ball while holding a coffee mug. Or having some balanced on your feet while you work at your desk, but it's a small price to pay for being warm! Don't want to waste tea or coffee? That's fine, too. Literally, just put any liquid in the microwave, nuke it, and just use the mug for warmth. This strategy can also be applied to a pizza box to cover a larger body surface area.

6. Stand Outside.

If you stand outside for a while, then walk into an indoor room regardless of heating, the room will seem warm... It's all about perspective.

7. Sleep on the Heater

This is for the desperate. Again, heaters are wonderful. And you risk catching on fire sleeping on top of one or even directly next to one, but again, that doesn't matter... Stay warm everyone!

Lead Image Credit: Anthony Quintano

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Jaclyn Imai - University of Southern California

Jaclyn Imai is a freshman Theatre Acting major from the University of Southern California with intended minors in communication and cinematic arts. She has has written comedic and dramatic pieces for theater in high school. She loves food, trying new things and traveling anywhere, even if that "anywhere" is just walking ten minutes to get more food. She hopes people enjoy her sassy writing, and that her serious writing makes people think.

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