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Jul 17 2016
by Jaclyn Chetty

7 Quirky T-Shirts Every College Student Needs in their Wardrobe

By Jaclyn Chetty - Jul 17 2016
Many of us incoming freshmen may be excited about having more freedom and independence, but with such privilege comes responsibility — I'm dreading having to do my own laundry. For those of us who went to high schools with uniforms, we are also faced with the added pressures of learning how to dress ourselves. But fear not because today's article is brought to you by quirky t-shirts I've stumbled across on the internet. 

1. I believe this is what the youth of today call "ME AF." Get yours here.

2. Not sure why, but this one really speaks to me.

3. A must in every cramped dormroom wardrobe! Buy one for you or your roommate here.

4. I love it when my clothes have more personality than I do. Available to purchase here.

5. A fun one. Sells out quickly, so get yours ASAP!


6. This one needs no explanation. Consider the typo a fun conversation starter. Buy yours here!

7. And, finally, my personal favorite! Add one to your shopping cart here

With this summer gearing up to be a hot one, shirts like these are the perfect way for any lazy college student to add something interesting to an outfit and look like they've put more effort into getting dressed than they really have. Make sure to grab one today! 

Lead Image Credit: Jaelynn Castillo via Unsplash

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Jaclyn Chetty - Amherst College

Jaclyn is an international student from Auckland, New Zealand who will be joining the Amherst College Class of 2020 this fall to pursue studies in Biology and Neuroscience. Equipped with only the knowledge of American culture made available to her through popular media, Jaclyn joins us at FreshU from the perspective of a first generation college student navigating new experiences in a completely alien environment.

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