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Jul 20 2016
by Jaclyn Chetty

3 Awesome Dorm Shopping Websites

By Jaclyn Chetty - Jul 20 2016

I'm a sucker for a good college move-in vlog, but as an international student, I don't have the option of jam-packing my dad's old van with the relics of teenage years. The TSA's baggage limits won't let me take more than the bare essentials. 

Packing is going to be brutal. It'll be a snapshot of one of those cliche coming-of-age movie scenes where the weedy, hopelessly unathletic kid (despite his charms) gets picked last in gym class. Only sensible supplies will be allowed into my suitcase and, as painful as it may be, tattered jeans whose only value is of the sentimental kind are not allowed on the lengthy journey from Auckland to Amherst. 

The bulk of packing tends to be bedding, laundry detergent and other such markers of responsibility and independence. However, fitting a mattress pad, a year's supply of Tide pods and eight decorative pillows into a standard, TSA-approved suitcase can be tricky. Luckily, services such as Dormco, Dormitup and the all-important Amazon Prime exist. 

1. Dormify 

Dormify is lesser-known but looks the most premium of the bunch. Its trendy up-and-coming designs are hard to resist. All sense of practicality and sensibility disappears when browsing the site. I have no idea what a bed skirt is, or how it would ever be useful to me, but I want one anyway! 

Part of Dormify's Pastel Dreams Collection - bed skirts included!

2. Roomify

Roomify, previously known as Dormitup, also allows you to shop online for supplies that get shipped directly to your home or college. Roomify is particularly helpful for its options to purchase pre-selected, everything-you-need boxes. Perfect for the lazy few who still want to get the #aesthetic.


3. Dormco

Similar to the others, Dormco lets you shop for the essentials without having to brave the masses during the busy pre-semester shopping rush. Dormco reminds you to pack all the things you don't remember to, and you can't go wrong with $2.95 shipping. 

Dormco's 44-Piece College Dorm Essentials Set.

All three services offer pre-selected packs that make you look like you've put more thought into your dorm than you actually have, and all at the click of a button! It saves you tons of suitcase space and avoids all the stress that comes with shopping for college. For someone like me whose missing luggage tag results in a disproportionately large meltdown, services like these will definitely come in handy as the countdown to the fall semester begins.

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Jaclyn Chetty - Amherst College

Jaclyn is an international student from Auckland, New Zealand who will be joining the Amherst College Class of 2020 this fall to pursue studies in Biology and Neuroscience. Equipped with only the knowledge of American culture made available to her through popular media, Jaclyn joins us at FreshU from the perspective of a first generation college student navigating new experiences in a completely alien environment.

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