There are pros and cons to everything. While college can be amazing and such an enjoyable experience, there are certainly some downers, such as the lack of privacy and terrible food. On the flip side, coming home for winter break has all sorts of interesting moments and things to get used to, but you suddenly have privacy and good food again. Here are the eight best parts about being home over winter break.

1. The Food

Lets face it: college food is terrible. Any food from the outside is brilliant when compared. Coming home for break means we're suddenly able to eat all our favorite home cooked dishes, and indulge in all the great holiday foods.

2. Catching Up With Family and Friends

While all families have their drama and "unique quirks," it's great to see them and all your high school friends again even if you do have to hear your Aunt Maude tell the story about how her cat got into the trash for the fourteenth time over Christmas dinner.

3. Quietness

There is always something going on at college and I know there have been many occasions where there were noisy people outside my door while I was trying to sleep before an exam. It's nice that it's so quiet at home, and there isn't shouting or sing-alongs happening 24/7.

4. Showering Without Flip Flops 

This one sounds weird, but how nice was it when you came home from break and suddenly didn't have to wear flip flops in the shower?! On the same note, not having to share a bathroom with 40 other people is a simple luxury.

5. Privacy

I love my college friends to pieces, but sometimes I don't appreciate people barging into my room at all hours while I'm dancing to the Hamilton soundtrack. Privacy is hard to come by in college, so having your own space at home is really nice while it lasts.

6. Pajamas All Day

I love staying in my pajamas till the early afternoon at home, but at college you do get some funny looks if you wear your pink unicorn pajamas out to the dining hall or class. At home however, pajamas are a perfectly acceptable attire.

7. Free Laundry

I don't know about your'e college, but at mine, a load of laundry costs a dollar, and another dollar for the dryer. While this doesn't seem like a lot, when you're on a students budget, and the machines only accept quarters, it adds up quickly. So its a big relief to come home and use the machines for doesn't hurt that your Mom is around to tell you what can be put in the dryer and what can't.

8. Pets

The worst part of college is that you can't take you're pet with you. Being able to cuddle you dog/cat/ferret etc all day, and have them on the end of your bed at night, is undoubtedly the best part of Winter Break.

College is an amazing experience and many of us can't wait to go back. However, it's nice to enjoy the simple things we can get at home that aren't a luxury we have at school.

Lead Image Credit: Pixar Films