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Nov 20 2016
by Izabella Louk

11 Things No One Tells You About College

By Izabella Louk - Nov 20 2016

Sure, there were the things we all knew and expected when starting college, like to always wear flip flops in the shower and that our sleeping schedule would drastically change. Yet, there is a whole plethora of things that have come as a total surprise to college freshmen — things no one mentioned and that never even occurred to us. This small selection are the things that have been most surprising to me and those in my dorm hall, but I'm sure they apply to college students everywhere.

1. You will become a pro at stealing food from the dining hall.

When the dining hall closes at eight, but you know you'll be hungry at 11, what's a collegiate freshman to do? They learn how to surreptitiously steal food in takeaway containers.

2. Privacy is non-existent.

Sure, there's your dorm, or the lounge, but 99% of the time, those places will have people in them. It's easier to just resign yourself to this lack of privacy then to spend your time worrying about it though. 

3. You'll become a superstar fashionista.

You have absolutely nothing suitable in your closet for that party on the weekend or a job interview later in the week, which means you'll get really good at putting together last-minute outfits that draw from not only the very bottom of your closet, but your neighbor's closet as well.

4. College students don't just "like" Harambe.

They LOVE him. It seems as if the dead gorilla has attained somewhat of a cult status on college campuses, coming up everyday in conversation and making appearances in signs and pictures all around the dorm halls. 

5. You will learn other people's music tastes.

Most people seem to be under a delusion that if the shower's running the rest of us can't hear them sing or play their music, but we can. As a result I can tell you what kind of music most of my floor-mates have a preference for (I hear you Spice-Girls-loving resident down the hall).

6. You'll be okay about wearing pajamas in public.

It's so much easier to just wear your pajamas instead of changing when you're ducking out to the dining hall or to an early morning class.

7. That dorm you saw on Pinterest just isn't attainable.

We all started out wanting beautiful dorms. But a few weeks into semester when the workload gets heavier, all you can think about is making the 11:59 PM deadline for your paper, rather than how your fairy lights need new batteries and that mountain of unfolded clothes on your bed.

8. Naps are acceptable.

Now that we're in college, naps are embraced, cherished and encouraged. It feels so good to have a nap, that you don't even question the fact that your lying down for a nap halfway through the day.

9. You can literally be involved in anything you like.

No matter what you were involved in in high School, you can get involved in anything in college — from ultimate frisbee, to curating on campus museum exhibitions, to interpretive dance.

10. Sometimes the free food is not so great.

You will walk up to an event solely for the promised free food, only to discover that it was a lie. The small box of Capri Sun pouches can hardly make up for the fact you are now stuck at a talk on the philosophy and ethics.

11. It will be a roller coaster. 

Sometimes you'll be a hot mess, and it will feel as though your life is turning to custard, but other times you'll be making friends, experiencing new things and having an unforgettably wonderful time.

Nothing could have prepared us for our individual college experiences, but thankfully, after this first semester, we're finally getting a hang of it. Hang in there, fellow freshmen! 

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Izabella Louk - Drew University

Izabella is a freshman international student at Drew university in New Jersey, double majoring in Theatre and Asian Studies. When she's not busy insisting that New Jersey really is fantastic to her friends back home in Australia, she enjoys dancing, writing, baking, and cuddling her dog. You can follow her on instagram at _aliceinunicornland_

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