As freshmen in college, most of us are already 18 or older, which in this country means we are old enough to vote.  It's easy to brush off this new right and responsibility because we don't have time, we don't know where to go, or we just don't know enough about the candidates.  

But college students are some of the citizens that are most affected by the policies that a new president will implement.  Each candidate has a specific policy on education.  Some are looking at ways to make higher education tuition-free.  Other important issues like gun control and health care should be important to college students with all of the recent shootings that have taken place as various universities across the country. For any college freshmen who would like to get jobs soon or already work, social security and tax reforms are two areas that need to be considered.  College freshmen aren't immune to the decisions of politicians because we are young.  We are becoming independent.  This means we have a responsibility to try to bring social change in the world around us.  It also means that we need to be aware of how a shift in the government could impact our lives and make sure we give our input on what we want that impact to be by voting in the election.

So that no college student can use the excuse of a lack of time or a lack of political knowledge, below is a list of the top three candidates from each political party with a short bio for each regarding their views on some important issues.  Study up and get to the polls in 2016!

Ben Carson (Republican Party)

1. Health Care: Against the Affordable Care Act.  Believes that the government has no place in health care.  It should be the responsibility of the individual.

2. Gun Control: Plans to uphold the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.

3. Abortion: Pro-life in every circumstance.

4. Education: The U.S. Department of Education should not have control over what is taught in schools.

5. Foreign Policy: Advocates increased use of the military to destroy the terrorist groups that threaten the U.S. today.


Hillary Clinton (Democratic Party)

1. Health Care: Plans to defend the Affordable Care Act and expand access to quality care to rural Americans.

2. Gun Control: Will enforce comprehensive federal background checks on those who wish to sell or buy guns.

3. Abortion: Pro-choice. 

4. Education: Colleges and the government will work together to limit student debt, lower tuition fees, and let student debt loans be refinanced at current rates.

5. Foreign Policy: Advocates forming alliances with other countries to stand up to and destroy forces that threaten our security.


Jeb Bush (Republican Party)

1. Health Care: Believes that Obamacare is fundamentally flawed and plans to increase individual control over health care decisions with some governmental assistance to make it more affordable.

2. Gun Control: Is in favor of maintaining the freedoms of the 2nd Amendment.

3. Abortion: Pro-life.

4. Education: Advocates the use of Common Core standards for educational curriculum.

5. Foreign Policy: Plans to add U.S. soldiers in Middle Eastern countries to continue the war on terrorism and defeat ISIS.


Martin O'Malley (Democratic Party)

1. Health Care: Feels confident in the continuation of Obamacare and believes it will become steadier and begin to work more smoothly.

2. Gun Control: Plans to extend a heavy system of background checks and regulation with gun sales to all of the states.

3. Abortion: Pro-choice. 

4. Education: Has a plan to freeze public tuition rates, increase governmental funding for higher education, and refinance student loans at lower rates.

5. Foreign Policy: Technology and alliances should be used to address threats with diplomacy and innovative approaches.


Donald Trump (Republican Party)

1. Health Care: Obamacare needs to be repealed but should be replaced with another universal healthcare plan.

2. Gun Control: Strongly upholds the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.

3. Abortion: Pro-life (with special cases for rape, incest, and health).

4.Education: The Department of Education should receive much less funding and Common Core should not be a source of standards for education.

5. Foreign Policy: More troops should be deployed to fight ISIS and heavy military force should be used to attack enemies of the U.S..


Bernie Sanders (Democratic Party)

1. Health Care: Medicare should be guaranteed to Americans regardless of income and mental health coverage needs to be given more priority.

2. Gun Control: In favor of instant background checks so that criminals or unstable people can't buy guns.

3. Abortion: Pro-choice.

4. Education: Plans to make tuition free at public universities, cut student loan interest rates, and allow refinancing.

5. Foreign Policy: Diplomacy and alliances should be increased to try to solve international conflicts in a peaceful manner when possible.


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