In the first few months of college, everyone’s Snapchat stories have been full of pictures of exciting new adventures. These are a few moments that almost every college Freshman can’t help but snap about.

1. The dining hall food snap

Bella Barricklow

Back home, the pancakes and pizza must not have been as photogenic as they are here.

2. The Saturday football game snap

Bella Barricklow

Everyone has the most school spirit, we know.

3. The post-workout snap

Bella Barricklow

Because all of your friends back home need proof that you’ve done something other than watch Netflix in the past week.

4. The Netflix snap

Bella Barricklow

Because actually, you’ve done nothing but watch Netflix in the past week.

5. The beautiful campus snap

Bella Barricklow

The buildings and trees at your school are prettier than they are anywhere else.

6. The blurry party snap

Sophie Anderson

To make sure everyone knows you are having the craziest weekend with tons of new friends who love you.

7. The sleeping snap

Bella Barricklow

College kids will sleep anywhere. No seriously, anywhere.

Lead Image Credit: Bella Barricklow