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Feb 01 2016
by Isabella Barricklow

7 Reasons Dealing With a Break-Up is Better in College

By Isabella Barricklow - Feb 01 2016

Unfortunately for all of us, breakups are a part of life, and an especially big part of college life while we're trying to find the person we want to be with forever.  A few days after I wrote my previous article "An Open Letter to My Boyfriend in the Class of 2020", my boyfriend broke up with me.  A breakup is hard no matter where it happens, but I realized over the course of this past week that breakups are much better and easier to get through if they happen when you're away at college.  Here's why.

1. Everyone brings you comfort food.

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When you're home your parents might cook you comfort food for a day or two, but in college everyone knows the healing powers of some good junk food.  Even better, there's a good chance that the people who bring you ice cream and cookies from the campus convenience store will want to stay, eat it with you, and be there for you.  

2. You're never left alone.


No matter how badly you might want to just lay alone in bed all day and cry, in college you absolutely can't.  You have friends coming in and out of your dorm room to comfort you because everyone's just a five second walk away.  You also have your roommates who can't leave you alone even if you wanted them to.  In other words, there's always a shoulder to cry on that's no more than a few feet away from you.  It's always better to surround yourself with people who can remind you how great you are and can help you to still have fun when it's hard to remind and help yourself.

3. Walking to classes forces you to go outside.


You have to get out of your bed eventually and class is a perfect excuse to be exposed to the sun again.  A nice walk outside is bound to lift your spirits, and you're forced to do it anyway.

4. You have tons of opportunities to focus on making your life better.

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You know that feeling after a breakup when you just want to make your life amazing and prove to everyone that you're better off on your own?  College is the perfect place to take hold of all those ideas you were forced to put aside because of your relationship.  Your boyfriend/girlfriend didn't think you were a very good writer?  Time to take that English class you always wanted but were convinced you weren't talented enough to.  You didn't want to study abroad because you didn't want to be away from your partner?  You can choose whichever program you want with just an email.  Take that trip to Cuba or England.  You're surrounded with opportunities to find new passions and exciting adventures, all you have to do is sign up for some.  As an added bonus, you'll be too excited and busy to think about what you're (actually definitely not) missing.  

5. You can meet new people to fill the gap.


If your partner was the person you used to go to for advice or the person you grabbed to tag along on random weekend adventures with you, it's easy to feel like you have no one left to do all of those things with.  But, you're at a college campus with at least 4,000 other students, you won't be missing his/her presence for long.  You can always meet new people who share your interests or want to be your friend and be there for you.  A lot of times they might even bring new ideas and insights into your life that your previous partner didn't.  And if all that you're missing about your partner is the physical part of the relationship, you've probably figured out by now that it isn't too hard to find a replacement for that at college either.

6. There are too many people to know the history and give you pity.


Back home everyone knows your business, they remember when you two got together, and how happy you were.  While the comfort that familiar faces can offer is definitely great, sometimes it just doesn't help for them to keep reminiscing on the good times or reiterating the bad parts.  While you might have some close friends at school who know the details of your relationship, the majority of the people there won't.  People will still treat you normally instead of treating you like you're fragile.  When they talk to you it will be because they genuinely want to, not because they're checking in on you.  Sometimes you need a little bit of ordinary life mixed in with all of the love that comes your way.  

7. You are surrounded by people who love you and are going to make it better.


You've made new friends at college, but they've started to feel less like friends and more like family.  They want to see you happy and will do anything you need for support.  You don't want that other person in your life because you've got so much more love around you right now than you ever got from them, and that's all you need to be okay.

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Isabella Barricklow - Central Michigan University

Isabella Barricklow is a freshman at Central Michigan University majoring in English (non-teaching) and minoring in Spanish and Childhood Development. At her high school, she was a captain of the swim team and wrote for the school paper. You'll usually find Bella writing poetry, spending time with friends, or hiking. Follow her on Twitter @BellaRose221!

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