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Jan 11 2016
by Isabella Barricklow

9 First Semester Mistakes You Won't Make this Semester

By Isabella Barricklow - Jan 11 2016

First semester was a trial run and you may have had some awkward or "typical freshman" moments. Even though  you may not have known the life hacks of college before, you've learned some lessons that will send you into second semester feeling more confident than ever. These are a few of the mistakes you will never make again.

1. 8 a.m. classes 

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Maybe signing up for early classes seemed like a good idea at the time, but after just one semester of 8 a.m.'s (or hearing your roommate complain about them) you know the pain of having to walk across campus on a cold and dark morning.  Surprisingly, a 9 a.m. class instead makes all the difference in the world.

2. Walking around campus with a map

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You finally know your way from building to building now and how to pronounce all of the weird names. This time around you don't have to distinguish yourself as a freshman by carrying a map of campus or frantically following a GPS on your phone.

3. Worrying about what your parents think

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By now you've learned that your parents have no say in your life at college. You don't have to choose a major or class that they approve of, and you don't have to tell them about your extracurriculars or new relationships that they might disapprove of. You have the freedom to live your own life.

4. Worrying about people back home forgetting you

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Just because you're not in the same town doesn't mean that they will forget about you or replace you just like you haven't forgotten about or replaced them. The more time you spend apart, the more you have to catch up on when you meet back up and the more excited you are to see each other again.  You're still in each other's lives even if you don't have time for a weekly FaceTime session anymore.

5. Going to every event for free pizza


You know that you can't care about every single event on campus, and sometimes, even though free pizza is wonderful, you have better things to do.  Besides, by now you've found ways to make your dining plan healthy and delicious.

6. Being afraid to eat alone

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At this point you don't have to wait for your friends to be out of class before you can go down and eat. It's perfectly normal to eat alone in the cafeteria without having to hide behind your phone or trying to make friends with a random stranger. You enjoy the time with yourself.

7. Raising your hand to leave the classroom

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If you have to go to the bathroom, you know that you can just get up and go.  

8. Worrying about one bad grade on a test


Sure, a bad grade doesn't feel good, but it doesn't mean that you're not going to graduate. You've still got a great plan ahead of you and you know that one test isn't going to derail it. 

9. Spending all of your money in one week

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It seemed like you spent all summer saving up money; you felt rich when you left for college. But quickly you realized that everything costs money, books are hundreds of dollars, eating out every night isn't an option, and what about the new clothes you want to buy yourself every once in a while? You've learned not to blow your money on just anything, because it goes fast.

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Isabella Barricklow - Central Michigan University

Isabella Barricklow is a freshman at Central Michigan University majoring in English (non-teaching) and minoring in Spanish and Childhood Development. At her high school, she was a captain of the swim team and wrote for the school paper. You'll usually find Bella writing poetry, spending time with friends, or hiking. Follow her on Twitter @BellaRose221!

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