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Jul 14 2015
by Isabell Gerbig

How to Get a Legit Job (With a Rad Resume)

By Isabell Gerbig - Jul 14 2015

It’s no secret that the number one concern on most freshmen’s minds when going into college is how broke they’ll be when they get out. College is an irreplaceable experience, but at what cost? For all those people worrying about paying back their loans and their debt, it’s never too early to start thinking about getting some work experience. Sure, Starbucks and McDonalds are easy options and quick sources for some extra pocket money. But what happens you want to find a more fitting job for your major? That’s where knowing how to write a perfect resume comes in.

Step 1: Make a list of all of your qualifications.

After going through the college admissions process, you should be well aware of all your advantages and disadvantages as a student and as a person. Use all that introspection to your advantage! Write down a list of traits that you think are good selling points about yourself and just knowledge-vomit them on a piece of paper. Look back on your college essays if that helps.

Now, pretend you are an employer looking for employees at your company. What would you want in an employee? When you look at things from this perspective, it becomes a lot easier to limit the qualifications you think would be suitable to be put on a resume. An employer or a recruiter wants to know what you will bring to their business, whether it’s unending optimism or a drive to work hard. Give them what they want!

Step 2: Know how to sell yourself.

Chances are you have little to no job experience after graduating from high school. If this is the case, try to think of activities you did in high school that may be appealing to a potential employer. Were you captain of a sports team or president of a club? Did you take a class about business and marketing? Did you babysit or tutor your neighbors? All of these count as qualifications for a job, as long as you phrase it correctly. Claim that you were in a “leadership position” when you were the captain of your swim team. Say that you are familiar with the basics of marketing because of the class you took. Show that you work well with children because of your babysitting job or that you were a “private instructor” instead of a tutor.

Step 3: Format is key.

A quick Google Image search will show you hundreds of resumes in black and white, written in Microsoft Word with Times New Roman, and made with no creativity at all. This is by no means wrong (as people have been following this format for decades), but it will also make you blend in with all other applications. If you own a computer that wasn’t made in the 1990s, use it to your advantage! There are so many applications you could use to make your resume alluring and engaging. Add a headshot in there, use some vibrant colors, insert a border. There are unlimited ways of spicing up a resume so use some creative license and make it your own.

Step 4: If all else fails, use an online resume maker.

We live in the 21st Century, when you no longer have to do anything yourself. There are plenty of online generators that allow you to pick a template, fill in some information and then out comes a ready-made resume. has pretty decent templates and is super easy to use, but you can always just search “Resume Builder” in Google and find one that fits you.

Remember to spend time on your resume and don’t expect to complete it in 30 minutes. This is the first thing a recruiter will see so you have to make sure it’s up to your standard!

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Isabell Gerbig - Bryn Mawr College

Isabell Gerbig is a freshman at Bryn Mawr College, planning to major in Comparative Literature. She’s a Third Culture Kid and started learning her fourth and fifth language in high school. As a former swimmer, she empathizes with everyone who still has to endure morning practices. Instagram: isabellringingg.

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