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Aug 21 2015
by Isabel Futral

5 Friends You Should Leave Behind in High School

By Isabel Futral - Aug 21 2015

As we say goodbye to high school, sometimes it's easy to get caught up in everything we're going to be missing back home: your favorite restaurant, your cozy room, your best friends. It's time for some refreshing truth tea. You're not going to miss everything. In fact, there's a lot about college that's going to be better for you than high school ever was. Sure, there are always some great friends you've made that you'll want to keep in contact with, but there are others who have just been dragging you down or just plain pissing you off. You've got a diploma and a brand-new dorm room that say you don't have to deal with that anymore! Sometimes, it can be a really great thing to know when to say goodbye for good. 

1. The Over-Sharer 

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You know the type. You started following them on Twitter so long ago you can't remember, but they've been clogging your timeline ever since. You know what they ate for breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack, and you've even seen pictures to prove it. Don't lie to me; it's been getting on your nerves. Honestly, why are you still following them? The odds of you crossing paths again now that you're off at different schools is pretty much zilch, and their spam is just going to become more irrelevant. It's time to break the mutual.  

2. The Debby Downer

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Admit it. Someone totally came to mind. They're the person who always has a downside to every situation, and whenever you hang out with them, you can physically feel your mood sinking. Maybe they've kept up their bah-humbug ways and are psyching you out about your college experience or maybe they've spent the last week complaining about their own. Either way, enough is enough. You have a choice in who you spend your time with, and it should be people who lift you up, not bring you down. 

3. The Summer Fling

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Whether you met in Hawaii or at your friend's grad party, it seemed like a good idea at the time. But now you're heading off your own separate ways, and you're finding it hard to find a way it could work. Maybe you didn't know each other long enough for it to be serious or maybe you know the long distance isn't worth it. The good news? There's plenty of fish in the sea. You'll be glad you started off the school year single, instead of obsessing over someone you won't see until Thanksgiving. 

4. The Compulsive Bragger

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Also extremely prone to exaggeration and flat-out lying, the compulsive bragger would have you believe that every night of their life has been the best one ever. They're always telling you about the latest shiny toy their parents bought for you or talking loudly about their fun adventures. The only problem? They've never invited you along on one of these so-called fantastic nights. Do you really want to be stuck listening to them talk about how much better their college is than yours for the next four years? Do yourself a favor and leave them and their immaturity in the dust. 

5. The Self-Fanatic

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A close relation to the compulsive bragger, the self-fanatic is constantly in "all about me" mode. You can hardly get a word in edgewise before they're interrupting to turn the conversation back to themselves, whether it's bragging, complaining or just utter nonsense. They're probably extremely needy, too, and often expect you to drop everything to come to their aid or entertain them, without so much as a "thank you." It's time to set yourself free. You've moved on from their world; it's time to focus on yourself! 

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