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Jul 19 2016
by Hugmaelle Jean

7 Things You Should Do During Freshman Year

By Hugmaelle Jean - Jul 19 2016
Freshman year in college is something that you should take advantage of. It's a time to get adjusted to the options available to you, as well as new routines you aren't yet used to. Be sure to take the time and really take a look at the many opportunities the school offers. If you make your first year count, you'll be off to a good start! So here it goes:

1. Be excited to learn and work hard.

As nerdy as this may sound, this is very important. Yes, you want to have fun in college but don’t get so carried away that you forget about your school work! Being enthusiastic about learning what you want along with new knowledge gives you a positive attitude to do your best. Although the courses may be difficult, your attitude will make all the difference. Don't forget that it's okay if you get a bad grade. Regretting it will only set you back. Believe that you will do better next time!


2. Be familiar with teachers and staff.

This is one of the most important things here. Always familiarize yourself with the professors and staff. After all, they will be teaching and supervising you for the rest of your years in college. Making them your friends will make your time in college easier. If you are interactive, they will reach out to you more. This is great for those who may attend bigger colleges. Sometimes in big universities, you’ll be interacting with TAs instead of the actual professors. Whoever is teaching or could help you out, talk with them so they can recognize you. You will most definitely stand out.


3. Meet new people.

You may not get along well with every person you meet, but be open to talking with new people. It doesn’t have to be much. A friendly hello can go a long way. Try to familiarize yourself with other people and make some friends, so that in the middle of the year, you won’t feel alone. Making friends along the way will make for a more interesting time in college. Keep in mind that the people you talk with earlier in the year, may or may not be the same people you talk with later.

4. Join new clubs.

Joining new clubs is a way for you to further develop interests that you love or didn’t even know about. I can’t tell you the amount of people I know that decided to join random clubs and have developed a passion for it. The thing is, you’ll never know unless you try! Don’t be afraid to do something you otherwise wouldn’t, it could lead to good places. On top of that, you will meet new people who share similar interests. It's also a good way to take away some stress from heavy coursework. 


5. Explore your surroundings.

Despite the loads of work and activities you may do, you will have free time. I know students who may be free from classes in the majority of their schedule. Whatever you do, do not just stay in your dorm room! No, no, no. It is not good for you. Take the time to explore what’s around you freshman year so that when you have more time on your hands in the future, you will know where you could go. Take note of the places you like. There is a multitude of things you can do from eating at a cool cafe to going out for a bike ride! The possibilities are endless. P.S.: you may want to get in some exercise. The freshman 15 is no joke!

6. Ask questions.

You heard this many times, but there is no such thing as a stupid question. If you are lost or don’t know where to go just ask. You will save yourself a lot of more time than if you were to struggle on your own. Ask all the questions you have so that you have the information that you need. 

7. Be yourself.

This is another important one. Always be yourself no matter what. Think about it this way, you will probably be at a college where you don't know anybody. They don’t know you and you don’t know them so who cares what they think? Even if they did know you you shouldn’t let that stop you from being your greatest self. Love who you are and accept it. You will meet more genuine people that way. Remember, no one will accept you unless you do it first. College is also a time for growth and you are subject to change. No matter who you turn out to be, flaunt it!  


Really take these things into consideration. Maybe you never have thought to talk with teachers or were not planning to do much in college, but give it a shot! There are so many advantages in college that will make things a little easier. It may take some time to do, but in the end you won't regret it.  

Lead Image Credit: Inbal Marilli via Unsplash 

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Hugmaelle Jean - Emmanuel College

Hugmaelle Jean is a freshman at Emmanuel College. She is majoring in Communication & Media Studies and aspires to be a positive face in the media and news networks. On her free time she likes watching YouTube, writing stories and taking photos. She is hoping to study abroad and learn about different cultures.

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