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Dec 14 2016
by Hugmaelle Jean

6 Holiday Door Decoration Ideas

By Hugmaelle Jean - Dec 14 2016

It's the peak of the holiday season and time for decorating. Although you may only be on campus for a few more short days, you don't need to decorate your whole room. Instead, decorate your dorm door so you still feel the holiday spirit. Also, if your dorm floor or building is having a decorating contest, here are some ideas that you can use to decorate your door.

1. Wrapped Present

This is the simplest one to do by far. This is for those who want something more simple, yet festive. Take your favorite holiday gift wrap and use it to cover your door and place a bow or anything you want on it. All you really need is wrapping paper and whatever holiday decorations you wish to use for your door.

The Classroom Creative via Pinterest 

2. Favorite Holiday Movie/Television Character 

If you're a movie lover you can choose to decorate your door with favorite characters and scenes from a holiday movie! There are a wide range of holiday movies from "The Polar Express" to "Elf." You could even do a favorite character you love and put them in a Santa hat or Christmas wear. 

Christmas 365 via Pinterest

3. Anything Religious

This one is for those who really want to represent their religion this year. If you are passionate about your religion then this one is for you. There are plenty of images online for you to use for this one. Cut them out and place them wherever you want. Using wrapping paper or construction paper to cover your door is up to you but not necessary. 

4. Winter Wonderland

This one can be about anything. If you're more creative then this one might be for you! Since this one can be so broad, you can do what you want. You could use either construction paper or wrapping paper for this one or no paper at all. You can do things like creating a snowy scene or a snowy village. 

5. A Fireplace 

If you're willing to put in the effort, you can do a fireplace for your door decoration. You might have to switch out wrapping paper for construction paper if you want to get a more realistic look. Don't forget the stockings! Perhaps your friends will give you a treat or two. 

Sandra Didonato via Pinterest 

6. Half and Half 

If you're rooming with someone who doesn't celebrate the same holiday,  you can decorate half the door with what you want and the other half with what they choose. That way both you and your roommate will be happy. Also, it is always good to respect someone else's beliefs and practices. 

Whatever you choose to do, I hope this helps spark your creativity when deciding on how to decorate your door. Have fun! 

Lead Image Credit: David Beale via Unsplash 

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Hugmaelle Jean - Emmanuel College

Hugmaelle Jean is a freshman at Emmanuel College. She is majoring in Communication & Media Studies and aspires to be a positive face in the media and news networks. On her free time she likes watching YouTube, writing stories and taking photos. She is hoping to study abroad and learn about different cultures.

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