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Jan 18 2017
by Hugmaelle Jean

11 Ways to Stay Positive Second Semester

By Hugmaelle Jean - Jan 18 2017

The new semester has arrived and positivity is needed. A great mindset will bring you a great semester. This is not to say that there will be no bad situations, but being cheerful can make a big difference. Here are some ideas to help you stay positive and motivated throughout the second semester.

1. Gratitude Jar 

You can make a gratitude jar by finding any jar or mini box and decorating it however you want. Whenever someone does anything meaningful for you or when you achieve something great, write it down on a small piece of paper and put it in the jar. You  don't need to wait until an event has happened! Write about things that have already occurred. If you ever have a bad day and need a pick-me-up, choose one and reflect on its positive impact. Think about why it made you smile or what you should be grateful for. This could improve your mood when you don't feel your best. Try this out and see how it improves your day! Remember, this will only work fully if you keep adding to the jar (or box), otherwise you'll get a lot of repeats.

2. Inspiration Wall 

Use any wall in your room and dedicate it to inspiration and positivity. Pick an area of the wall that you look at often so you won't just forget about it. Decorate this wall with your favorite quotes and pictures of people and things that inspire you. It doesn't have to be anything too complicated. If you are feeling unmotivated, look at the things you put on your wall. Let it remind you of the things you love, your goals and what you want to achieve. 

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3. Quiet Time 

This is one of the most important ideas on this list. You should try and make quiet time a part of your daily routine. College life tends to get very busy and frustrating. Quiet time allows you to relax and think peacefully. Sometimes it's nice to be away from people, clutter and noise. Just find a place to sit on your own. Maybe it's your favorite place on campus or an unusual spot. If you want, you can even reflect on things by writing them down. 


4. Journaling 

This is personally something that helped me last semester. Journaling can help put your thoughts in a place that you can always refer to later. Maybe you are having quiet time and a great idea strikes you. Write it down so you can go back to it later. Journaling is also a relaxing thing to do when you have a lot of heavy emotions. Writing them down will help you feel more relieved. As you are writing you may notice there are feelings or thoughts you didn't know you had. You could end up being surprised with what you put down. Sometimes releasing your feelings down on paper is all you need. 

5. Do Something Kind for Someone 

Try doing something kind for someone, whether you know them or not. You may never know what that person is going through at that time. Also, it's always good to consider other people's feelings. Everyone could use a boost in happiness.   

6. Compliment Yourself 

I know this may sound weird, but hear me out. We should all have confidence in ourselves. If you have been feeling a little insecure, find something that you love about yourself! Look yourself in the mirror everyday and say what you like about yourself with a smile. No matter what others think about you, you are awesome. A friend of mine once told me: "Just know that you are already cool. Nobody can tell you any different." This applies to everyone. 

7. Write an "I Am" Poem

If you don't know what this is, it's a poem that is based on your characteristics. It could also be used to describe any other real- life people or fictional characters  If you wanted to, you could write one for some of your favorite characters to pass time and express your creativity. If you were to write one for yourself, this could also help you be creative and get in touch with yourself. Essentially, this is something for you to look back on and smile about. You can find several examples and templates online to guide you. 

8. Pray 

If you're religious, say a few prayers. You can pray about anything. It can help relieve stress and anxiety if you really believe you are being listened to. It's also a way to remind yourself that you are not alone even when it feels like you are. 


9. Take a Walk

When you have some extra time in your busy schedule, take a walk. Try not to be distracted by you cell phone and appreciate what's around you. This can be relaxing when you're not focused on all the work you have to do. Just let yourself wander (safely) and enjoy the surroundings. Walk near places you have already been or find something new — you could find your new favorite place in the process. Going for a walk is a nice way to clear your mind. If you don't want to go alone then bring a friend with you. I asked a friend to go on a walk with me and we somehow ended up at a local museum. See where it takes you! 


10. Make To-Do Lists

If you found that you didn't get as much done as you wanted last semester, make a to–do list. They can change what you accomplish in great ways. Sometimes you should write down what must get done. If you have a lot of things to do in one day, writing them down will help you remain focused. Accomplishing tasks and checking them all off helps you realize you got the necessary work done. In turn this will make you feel better about your day rather than feeling disappointed about unfinished work.


11. Read a Book 

I know you probably have enough reading to do this semester for college. However, if you love reading it's always nice to read something just for fun. Give yourself the time to read something of your interest for at least 10-30 minutes a day in your spare time. Reading allows you to focus on something else other than coursework. Reading is also a way to de-stress if you have the right book.

These are just a few of the many things you can do in your second semester to boost your positivity. These activities are sure to make things better the second time around. If there's something here that you never considered, try it out and see how it effects you throughout a week. Remember, it's your attitude that makes all the difference. 

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Hugmaelle Jean - Emmanuel College

Hugmaelle Jean is a freshman at Emmanuel College. She is majoring in Communication & Media Studies and aspires to be a positive face in the media and news networks. On her free time she likes watching YouTube, writing stories and taking photos. She is hoping to study abroad and learn about different cultures.

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