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Feb 05 2018
by Heidi Fliegelman

The Top 10 Best Places to Eat on University of Delaware's Main Street

By Heidi Fliegelman - Feb 05 2018

People often associate going to college with a strict diet of dining hall buffets, instant ramen and, in general, junk. For some, that may be true, but not at the University of Delaware (UD). On top of the three dining halls we already have, plus on campus alternatives like The Pod, or the student center food courts, UD students are blessed with Main Street. Main Street is a magical street where pretty much every space is taken by a restaurant that happens to intersect campus. It's no secret that I love food (my bio here even says it). Given that, and the fact that my older cousin, Emily, attends UD and runs a successful food Instagram page (many of these pictures were taken by her), I was ready to try all the yummy food from day one. While I admit I have not been to every single restaurant on Main Street as of the present, I have tried quite a few. With that, please enjoy my current ten favorite places (in no particular order) to eat on UD's Main Street:

1. Snap Custom Pizza

Photo by: Heidi Fliegelman 

It's no wonder this place seems to always have a line out the door no matter what time of day it is. Snap is one of the first places I ate at on Main Street, and I definitely will be back for many, many return visits. The main attraction is definitely the pizza; you can choose from a predetermined one, or choose your own ingredients entirelyfrom sauce to toppings. They also have really tasty salads and grain bowls if you're looking for something a bit lighter. Whatever you choose, though, you're bound to have a great meal. 

2. Roots Natural Kitchen

Photo by: Heidi Fliegelman

Main Street is lined with "make your own bowl" places, but Roots definitely stands out to me (and, clearly, many others). It's essentially a salad place, but it's so much more. You can choose to have just rice, just greens (pick your type) or a mixture of both, and then you can pick all the other veggies, proteins and toppings you'd like thrown in (think sweet potatoes, roasted chickpeas, sautéed veggies, name it). There are also predetermined combinations on the board above the counter. The prices aren't too terrible, especially since the portions are huge; I know I always leave very full, but very satisfied with the quality of what I just consumed. 

3. Home Grown Cafe

Photo by: Emily Paolucci (@udel_foodie on Instagram)

This place has everything: a cool sign, outdoor seating options and live music from time to time; oh, and really good food. I've only been there once when my family came to visit, but I recall we all left very full and very happy (highly recommend those sweet potato fries). They also have a fair amount of options available for those with special dietary needs; just peruse the menu or ask your waiter, and I'm sure you can find something you can enjoy. Those of age can also enjoy the bar. Overall, 10/10 would go back again. 

4. Brew HaHa!

Photo by: Emily Paolucci (@udel_foodie on Instagram)

Located inside a vestibule area and up some stairs, Brew HaHa! is definitely a (not-so-hidden) hidden gem. From avocado toast loaded with fancy toppings, to giant muffins (I recommend the Healthy Harvest one), to assorted bagels, sandwiches, soups and much, much more, there is no shortage of tasty treats, and that's not to mention the drinks! There's a huge board of specialty lattes you can choose from, as well as a long list of other coffee drinks and different types of teas. They also offer outdoor seating on a cute, covered deck that customers can enjoy when the weather is nice. However, for chillier times, the inside has a fire place! All in all, Brew HaHa! is as cute as its name. 

5. PoBu Restaurant

Photo by: PoBu Restaurant

Ah, this one was a rehearsal staple during the late tech nights my cast and I endured last fall. It seemed like every night someone (or many someones) would come in with something from PoBu, and often times, it was a sushi burrito. To be fair, it has just opened up at the time so many were quite excited to have something like it so close, but even if the place were a bit older, I feel like the excitement would still be there. PoBu offer sushi burritos, poke bowls and acai bowls (if somehow you're still hungry). Maybe its just the millennial obsession with anything sushi related, but I think PoBu will definitely remain a hit. 

6. Honeygrow

Photo by: Heidi Fliegelman

I know, I know. Honeygrow is more of a chain than the rest of these places, even those that do have other locations. However, it remains one of my favorite places (its better than Chipotle, I think, even though the food is not the same). Honeygrow is another "bowl" place in that you can select a predetermined combination, or oder your own on a screen. You can choose from a salad or a stir fry, which can include rice or a variety of different types of noodles. Then, you add your veggies, pick a protein if you'd like, and that's that! Again, they offer sizable portions at not too bad of a price, but if you're still hungry, try out their "Honeybar," where you can make your own little parfait out of yogurt, granola, berries and other toppings!

7. Newark Deli and Bagels

Photo by: Heidi Fliegelman 

To me, if you have bagels, you can't really go wrong and that's exactly what this place has, hence the name. Customers can choose from a plethora of bagels, spreads and breakfast sandwiches. I haven't experimented much beyond a classic bacon, egg and cheese, or a smoked salmon and cream cheese, but there are plenty more I'd love to try. And these aren't skimpy sandwiches either. My mother and I dropped in one early morning when she was dropping me back off after a weekend home and I needed food before a long teach day. ND&B definitely hit the spot. 

8. Santa Fe Mexican Grill

Photo by: Heidi Fliegelman 

There seem to be about a billion Mexican restaurants along Main Street, but I've taken a liking to Santa Fe. Granted, it really isn't hard for me to fall for a Mexican place, but I was very impressed with this one. From the (warm) chips and salsa that came out as an appetizer, to my fabulous fish tacos and the presentation of the enchiladas my stepdad ordered, there's no doubt that Santa Fe is something special. For those of age, there is also a bar with plenty to choose from, and again, they offer both indoor and outdoor seating. Yet another place with something for everyone to enjoy. 

9. Central Perk Coffee & Deli

Photo by: Heidi Fliegelman 

First of all, points for the "Friends" related name. That could be enough to make it on this list in the first place(kidding)! Central Perk really is great, though. They offer a variety of different sandwiches, both for breakfast and lunch, and an assortment of other drinks and treats. What really drew me to it, though, was actually the smoothies! I am a huge smoothie fan, and I find I am often frustrated when I order a smoothie out; I like a creamy, thicker consistency over an icy or slushy one, and this place definitely nailed it. When I came back to UD for Accepted Students Day, we stopped in here and I ordered a smoothie of my three favorite fruitsbanana, strawberry and blueberry. I'm not saying that that fantastic smoothie was why I ended up choosing my school, but I'm not not saying that, either.

10. Taverna Rustic Italian

Photo by: Emily Paolucci (@udel_foodie on Instagram)

I've often heard Taverna described as a good place to go to when you want to live it up a little and have a bit of a nicer dinner outa break from all the "make your own bowl" and bagel places, if you will. Here, you can choose from homemade pasta, pizza, paninis and much more. Their website describes their cuisine as "a rural approach to refined Italian cooking." Who could complain about that? 

**Honorable Mention** UDairy Creamery:

Photo by: Emily Paolucci (@udel_foodie on Instagram)

This one can't have its own number because it isn't on Main Street, and isn't technically a restaurant, but it feels wrong to discuss food at UD without mentioning UDairy. Just a short shuttle ride away, UDairy serves up tons of creative flavors everyday, and there's always something new to try. 

To wrap it up, just like one would with the leftovers from a delicious meal at one of these places, UD's Main Street is definitely the place to go. Whether you're a foodie, have friends or relatives visiting or are simply looking for a break from the dining hall, there are endless opportunities for some good eats. 

Lead Image Credit: Pexels

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