For many of us, preparing to and adapting to living life on our own has become the essence of our existence. Although this can be a fun challenge, it also can be very tiresome and stressful. Learning how to budget, how to wake up on time and how to manage your time wisely without the help of a parent or guardian can sometimes be nervewracking. For most of us, our childhood and teenage years were full of laughs and fun times, and often times we find our adulthood being the complete opposite. During fall break, I visited my nieces and nephew and I realized just how happy they were being a kid. I was a bit jealous. But, who says that entering adulthood means abandoning our childhood? Here are 5 ways you can tackle the stressful duties of your now adult life by returning to your childhood.

1. Take some time to color or draw.

No, you don't have to be Picasso. Art allows us to express ourselves, so find a piece of paper and write or draw in an adult or children's coloring book. Trust me, it's so relaxing and will pay off. 

2. Go outside or take a bike ride.

Remember those days when everyone would meet up outside with his or her bike? Yes, the good days. I decided to take a bike ride for fun one day, and it felt so liberating to feel the wind across my cheeks and to leave my worries behind for a few minutes. If you don't have a bike, that's okay. Take some time to go outside to admire nature, to write, to draw, to color or to run/walk.

3. Read a children's book.

Put down that textbook, and pick up your favorite children's book or book series. Personally, I loved the Magic Tree House series and practically any comic book. Find your favorite picture book or chapter book from when you were a kid and dive into it. Look for deeper meanings or details you didn't find when you were a child. 

4. Watch your favorite throwback Disney shows or cartoons.

A little TV won't hurt, especially throwback shows. Remember those shows that brought you joy as a kid? Watch them and enjoy, laugh or even cry as an adult. 

5. Spend time with family and friends.

Spend quality time with quality and positive people, who will bring you peace and happiness during your stressful times. Have a game night and play both video games and board games. My brother has a Super Nintendo and playing Mario and Street Fighter on it is always a thrill. 


We hated them when we were younger, and now we regret not taking them as we get older. Sleep is essential to good health and good health is essential to a happy life. So, take a nap to rejuvenate.

Let's face it. Participating in some of these activities may cause you to shed a tear or two as you reminisce on simpler times, but it's okay because they are healthy tears. They symbolize our growth and maturity, so shed a tear and keep going. It's okay to take a break, because without them, stress will break you. 

Being an adult does cause us to leave behind some of our childlike ways in order to grow. Although we are growing and maturing, physically and mentally, let's not forget how to be a kid. Remember entering adulthood doesn't mean forgetting our childhood, but instead embracing it. 

Lead Image Credit: Unsplash